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Kodaikanal – The Princess Of Hill Station

Kodaikanal is picturesque and beautiful hill station located in the Palani hills of the Western Ghats. This hill station is situated above sea level at an altitude of 7200 feet. Due to the popularity and scenic beauty that Kodaikanal holds, it is often known as the ‘Princes of hill station’. Kodaikanal also means ‘Gift of the Forest’ in the local language. Kodaikanal lies amidst the Gundar valley and Parappar Valley. The north side of the Kodaikanal hill slopes down to Pallangi village and Vilpatti village, the hill slopes down to Palani hills in the east, to the west is the Anamalai hills and Manjampatti Valley and on the south side lies Cumbum Valley.

Some of the major attractions of Kodaikanal tourism is the enchanting waterfalls, huge rocks in the backwoods and the thick varieties of trees. Some of the famous products of this region are pears, plums, and eucalyptus oil. One more major attraction of this region is a flower named Kurinji, which blossoms once in the twelve years. Also, this region provides some adventurous activities like trekking, cycling, horse riding, and boating. It is believed that the earliest residents of this hill station where the Palaiyar tribal people. Kodaikanal hill is a beautiful place which is surrounded by diverse environment and lush greenery.

How To Reach

Kodaikanal can be reached by various modes of transportation. It can be reached by taking a bus from various cities like Bangalore, Kerela and Tamil Nadu. Also, railway facility is provided which connects various cities like Trivandrum, Mumbai, Bangalore and much more. The nearest railway station is the Coimbatore junction which is just a few kilometers away. The nearest airport is in Madurai which is 120 kms away from Kodaikanal Hill station. This airport is connected to Chennai and Coimbatore airports. Kodaikanal is connected to all the cities around the world by these two airports connectivity.

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Climatic Condition

Kodaikanal provides good weather conditions all over the year. Kodaikanal can be best visited during the month of April-June and also from September –october. As the place looks beautiful and green so It can also be visited between June- August. Winter months also provides a good visit to Kodaikanal Hill.

Accommodation Facilities

Kodaikanal, a beautiful hill station attracts tourist from all over the world. Kodaikanal provides various luxurious and budgeted hotels for the tourists. The hotels are fully booked throughout the year. The hotels provided are in reach of every class people and are also affordable. Various facilities like spa, cyber cafe, swimming pool, and gym are provided by the luxurious hotels. Club Mahindra Hill Country Resort is considered one of the best hotels in Kodaikanal. Some other best hotels in Kodaikanal are Cranberry residency and SerenitA Homestay that provide all the facilities to its visitors.

Festival or Events in Kodaikanal

A large number of festivals are celebrated by the people of Kodaikanal due to its diverse culture. One of the most famous festivals of Kodaikanal is Mother Salette Festival. It is a nine-day festival which is celebrated by the people staying here irrespective of the culture, creed, and caste and also attracts a large number of people from all over the south India. Some more famous festival celebrated in this region are the boat show, dog show and flower show that are organized during the months of May.

Restaurants and Local Foods

Some famous eateries of Kodaikanal are Hot chai, brownies, sandwiches, and chocolates. Also some lip smacking and mouth-watering variety of Gujarati platter and biryanis, spicy and rich dash of Punjabi cuisine, Tibetan cuisine is also available. Also, some traditional and local platter are also available which include sweet Pongal, Kesari, Payasam, Rasam, Sambhar, Parota, Upma, Idli, Dosas.

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Famous Places To Visit

1. Devils kitchen – It is a fascinating place with a scary name. It lies between Pillar rocks and Green Valley. For those people who are enthusiastic and adventurous, this is a challenging terrains. The visitors must also be aware of the bats which reside in this place.

2. Berijam Lake – Berijam Lake is just 25 kilometers from Kodaikanal and is covered by beautiful dense forests. The lake is an untouched beauty of nature and is also rich in flora and fauna. The lake is a place for quite reflection, gentle photography and also for birdwatchers. It is one of the most visited sights because it is blessed with some beautiful natural landscape.

3. Pillar Rocks – the pillar rocks are an exquisite picnic spot in Kodaikanal. There are three massive boulders standing vertically each reaching to a height of 400 meters. The highly recommended potato and onion Bhaaji is quite famous.

4. Coakers Walk – it is a famous pedestrian walkway located half a kilometer away from Kodaikanal. This walkway is built on a mountain and provides the best view of the valleys, mountains, and cities. The best time to visit this place is after 2 pm. The visitors can also take a walk to the telescope house.

5. Kodai Lake – Kodai lake is a manmade lake. The star-shaped lake provides a beautiful sight of the crystal blue waters surrounded by green meadows. The visitors can also enjoy the family picnic and thrilling boat ride. Also, people can enjoy fishing, horse rides, pony rides, sailing, cycling or can stroll around the lake by admiring its beauty. Kurunji a popular species of flower is also found in the Kodai lake.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are many more places in Kodaikanal which makes this place a famous holiday destination. There are several other tourist sites in Kodaikanal like Bear Shola Fall, Thalaiyar falls, The Silent Valley View, The Green Valley View, Bryants Park, The Shembaganur Museum, The Kodaikanal Science Observatory, The Guna caves, The Silver Cascade, Dolphins Nose, and Kurunji Temple, Subrahmanya temple, Andavar Murugan temple. Also, there are several churches and temples which are worth a visit. This place is considered as a paradise for the chocolate lover because homemade chocolates are sold at numerous stores. All the attractions available make this place worth visit.

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Featured Photo: Kodaikanal by flickrPrince under CC BY 2.0

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