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It is a great spot where you can have desert adventures experiencing the camel ride and safari. Exploring the desert beauty in Khuri would be an amazing if you are a person who is intimidated by deserts.This delightful journey would definitely be a splendid one as you get to enjoy the beautiful desert and to get to capture some great pictures.

Khuri- Exciting and Splendid desert adventure

Khuri desert photoPhoto by Argenberg

What does khuri famous for?

Khuri is a famous spot where you will find many beautiful views exaggerating its desert beauty. Its enriching desert admires each and every visitor in this spot. People gets fascinated with the adventures they can have with this great desert.

  • Camel rides at khuri sand dunes are very popular here.
  • It may prove to be a thrilling experience for you if you plan on spending a night at this desert. You can hope to have a great time with your family because of things like barbeque dinner, camps, folk songs along with khalbeliya dance.
  • Khuri has a desert national park located nearby the desert where you can spend your day by watching the bird’s paradise. With this, you can witness the great wildlife at Khuri.
  • The mesmerizing views of deserts are beyond words at Khuri, you will really enjoy each and every moment with here.
  • There are also mud made houses in the desert where you can stay and enjoy in the desert spending your time in a great way.
  • Exploring the sand dunes in a camel ride would be an amazing experience for you.

Desert safari at khuri:

The desert safari at khuri is something which can make you feel like “wow”. This amazing desert adventure can give you lots of fun filled moments. You can get your own camel in which you can explore the beauty of the desert. The scenery view of the desert is fantastic and you will enjoy your day spending in the desert. You can capture many moments during the safari. You can make your safaris in the early morning so that you get to see the sunrise. This is a great place where you can enjoy the desert journey and get inspired with its beauty. There are many online packages available which you can choose according to your preferences. You can view the packages and activities which are included. If you are choosing a package trip you will get a guide who can tell you about all the activities and cultural events in making your desert safari a memorable one.

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Khuri desert photoPhoto by Argenberg

Spending Night:

The night life at Khuri would be more thrilling and enjoyable. Most of the visitors spend night at Desert enjoying its beauty.

  • You can have a wonderful experience attending the Rajasthan special cultural events . You will definitely get attracted to their cultures.
  • To enjoy the starts at desert skyline it would be better to choose up the camps at desert where you can stay at night. It would be an amazing experience for those who are looking for adventure.
  • You can entertain yourself by playing games with your close ones which would give you peace and relaxation
  • You can also go for jeep safari in the desert and explore the beauty of the place
  • Sleeping at night in the desert would cold so you should definitely take blankets along with you

Real natural beauty:

If you are looking for nature attractions then you should not miss the stunning Khuri desert which is well famous for the desert adventure.

  • Khuri Desert is very rich natural beauty which will get you really impressed.
  • If you are looking for a good ambience then visit Khuri desert for enjoying a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Trekking in the desert would be an enjoyable part of your trip where you can enjoy the desert beauty which is filled with sand dunes.
  • The desert sky at night is really the best part of nature beauty where you can view the countless stars that lit the sky.
  • Along with the camel trekking and jeep safari you can enjoy the sand dunning also. You can capture the desert views and spend your days in a very special way.

Wonderful moments:

Spending your time at Desert would be worthy because you can enjoy the desert beauty with excellent views and impressive sand dunes. Never miss out on the adventurous journey which you can have at Khuri desert with delicious foods and wonderful performances of Rajasthan’s localities. . You can click out good photographs that coverts authentic desert beauty.  It is a recommended for tourists who are looking for a desert adventure.

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Featured Photo by Argenberg

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