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Everything is bigger in Delhi — even the spooks! The capital of India is well-known for its delectable cuisine, ancient forts, and shopping bazaars, but also for its multitude of haunted spots and creepy locations that will chill your bones.

If you are done enjoying the delicious fare served near Chandini Chowk, and Old Delhi, and want to do something spooky, head out to Khooni Nadi!


Khooni Nadi – Spook Unlimited


According to legend, there is no one person who has entered the river that has made it back to the shore alive. And, though logic may dictate that these deaths are no more than unfortunate accidents or deliberate suicides, Khooni Nadi is undoubtedly one of the spookiest haunts in Delhi. You can never be sure of what lurks in the darkness around this river that is said to suck people in!

What makes Khooni Nadi so scary lies in the fact that this stream is not as deep when compared to most other rivers in the country. And, yet the river accounts for a large number of deaths each year. A stream that is shallow and a great spot to enjoy a few splashes, has turned into a veritable Bermuda triangle that sucks unsuspecting travellers!



The Story That Surrounds Khooni Nadi


Touted as one of the most dangerous spots in India, this river is also known as bloody river. Locals give you terrifying accounts of several tourists being sucked into the waters of the river, never to be seen again. They claim that a demon or mysterious force that lives inside the river, sucks anyone who trespasses the area. That is not all! It is said that dozens of people who head out for a swim, never return. And, if that is not spooky enough, the waters that have claimed so many hundred lives, have never ever been recovered. Police, and detectives too are baffled by the many unknown mysteries and unresolved stories that surround this mystical river.

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If you do muster the courage and survive a visit to this haunted river that is said to be inhabited by ghosts, you might get lucky and hear crying noises and several other spooky sounds and experience the paranormal near this river.


Why Should You Plan A Visit To Khooni Nadi?


If you love adventures and enjoy mysteries, you must plan a visit to Khooni Nadi to experience the goose bumps for real! If you love ghost stories and enjoy scary expeditions, this is a place that will not disappoint!

How to Reach Khooni Nadi

Khooni Nadi is easily accessible by rail, road, as well as air. It is located in central Delhi and is hence well connected to most major cities and towns by various modes of transport. Once you reach Delhi, you will need to hire a cab to Rohini district.

Once you have reached Rohini, ask anyone and they will guide you in the direction of this killer river! At the junction where Munak canal enters the city of Delhi, branching off from the mighty Yamuna and flowing through Rohini, begins the boundaries of Khooni Nadi!

As soon as you begin walking past the canal, you are sure to experience a spooky vibe of being watched. Turn around and you will see nobody! While many people this is attributed to curses and black magic, others believe it is the angry river that gulps down people!

Is this river really haunted? Is it cursed? Why doesn’t the river suck in the many kids who plunge into its depths to beat the summer heat? What is it about Khooni Nadi – that makes it one of the scariest haunts in India? Plan a visit today and get your answers!

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Featured Photo by marina.shakleina

Khooni Nadi, The Bloody River In Rohini, Delhi

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