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Like everyone knows, India is famous for its diversity and cuisine. Every state, every region has their specialty and special dish. With no exception, Gujarat also has variety of special and famous dishes. Gujarati people are very foodies and the list of their main cuisines goes like Dhokla, Fafda, Khakhra, Thepla, Kadhi, Khandvi, Muthia, Chakri, Sev and so many more. Out of these non-ending list of delicious cuisines, we are going to talk more about Khakhra today.

Khakhra is nothing but dry roti, which is salty and crispy. It is a famous and traditional Gujarati snack, consumed mainly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. The dish is healthy, crunchy and delicious. Khakhras are made generally during afternoon time in many Gujarati families. It can be made in big batches as well. This Indian flatbread is very healthy compared to other snacks as it is made completely from wheat flour and some additional flavors. There are around fifty kinds of flavors available in Khakhra. Out of these, some most popular are, PaniPuri khakhra, Jeera khakhra, Methi khakhra, Pudina khakhra, Chinese khakhra, Masala khakhra, Pav bhaji khakhra, Cheese khakhra, Dosa khakhra, Schezwan khakhra, Plain khakhra and so many more. The basic recipe remains the same with slight difference as per the flavor.

The liking towards khakhra has raised widely in recent days. It is tasty, delicious, crunchy, spicy yet healthy. It is full of proteins and best option to satisfy your craving for food yet maintaining your waist size. With these benefits, khakhra is also being liked and demanded overseas and is being exported to America. In fact, there are many Gujarati restaurants in there, where khakhra is being liked by people living there.

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Though making of khakhra is very easy task, it does require some additional efforts and techniques. The best technique is to roll down the flour into thinnest possible size and continuously cooking it by pressing it cloth. By cooking thin roti continuously on low flame will make khakhra crispy and crunchy.  To make yummy and tasty khakhra, make sure to prepare a thinnest possible roti. For the preparation, add turmeric powder, asafoetida, cumin seeds, chili powder, salt and gram flour to wheat flour. Mix all the ingredients and form a dough with the help of water. The dough formed, shouldn’t be too stiff nor too loose. Once the dough is completely ready, prepare small-sized balls and start rolling it down to form the thinnest roti. After spreading some oil to a heated pan, put the prepared roti on it for further cooking. Make sure to cook it from both the sides and press it with a cloth so as to make it crunchy. This plain golden brown khakhra can be served with varieties of chutney, sauce, curd, cheese, pickle, onion rings, curry or can be eaten simply.

masala paratha photo, Khakhra Just like plain khakhra, one can prepare the flavored khakhras as well. Like, to make Methi khakhra, add kasoorimethi (dried fenugreek seeds) to the mixture while preparing dough. Or, to prepare Pudina khakhra, add Pudina leaves (Mint leaves) to the mixture. Similarly, any type of khakhra can be made by adding your favorite flavor to it.

There are also some additional recipes available by which you can make some easy yet wonderful dishes, which are spicy yet healthy, simple yet elegant. Like, khakhras can be turned into tacos, by adding some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, chat masala and some of your favorite toppings to it. Additionally, instead of using wheat flour, use corn flour to add variation in the taste. Khakhra chat can be made by adding onions, tomatoes, capsicum and tamarind chutney to it. Garnish it with coriander leaves and sev on it.

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There can be multiple recipes with khakhras to add taste to life yet keeping you healthy and fit.

Photo by Annie Mole

Khakhra – Try This Yummy Gujarati Snack

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