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Puducherry, the Union Territory was formerly called as Pondicherry, Pondy. It was under the French Government rule until 1954. Restaurants, Hotels, and shops products hold a French shadow. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is situated in the north town; Auroville attracts spiritual visitors around the year. The state is mostly occupied by many beautiful, serene seashores. Though it is a small state, you can see cleaned streets, neat roads etc. Still, the French descendants speak French and they celebrate international French festivals. Such a beautiful state celebrates many local festivals too. Come let us see the popular festivals of Puducherry.

Bastille Day

Bastille Day is the most important day for French people. The day is celebrated with parties, parades, and food. The celebration falls in the mid of July every year. There is a huge crowd seen on the day to attend this large event. The oldest military parade has been watched by thousands of visitors. Equality, liberty and Fraternity, the chain of words are mostly uttered during the carnival of Bastille Day. This day is known as “National Day of France”. Retired soldiers do a parade in the Bastille Day evening. The people observe with French and Indian National Anthems. Uniformed war soldiers observe a dedicated March-Past throughout the streets of Pondy to tribute the French soldiers who lost their lives in the battle wars.

Sri Aurobindo Birthday

Sri Aurobindo photoPhoto by bikashdas

Sri Aurobindo, the masterpiece who laid the Aurobindo Ashram, was a great philanthropist and a spiritualist. He was born on 15th August. His birthday has been observed with pride and dignity till the day. Both Pondy and Kolkata celebrate his birthday every year. Many foreigners visit the Ashram on his birthday to pay homage to Sri Aurobindo. The event is reckoned as one of the main celebrations in Puducherry. Traditional and cultural programs are conducted to make the event flamboyant.

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French Food Festival

food festival photoPhoto by theglobalpanorama

French Food Festival is conducted as an annual event with gourmet food items. “The Department of Puducherry Tourism” conducts the food festival. Various French delicacies are prepared and displayed for the people to eat and enjoy. You can see the cultural diversity here when people from all over the world participate in the food carnival. French Food Festival is celebrated in the month of August.

Fete De Pondicherry

The Fete De Pondicherry is celebrated continuously for three days. Independence Day,               Sri Aurobindo Birth Anniversary and the Liberation day falls on the same month August. The cultural programs are organized by “The Art and Cultural Department” of Pondicherry. Kids enjoy the day with lots of fun and competitions. An exhibition is conducted here during the day which displays the history and freedom of Pondicherry. Prominent classical musicians and folk dancers from various part of the country come here and participate enthusiastically.

Car Festival at Villianur Temple

This festival is celebrated for the main deity Thirukamemswara Kukilambal. This carnival is observed for 10 continuous days like annual Brahmotsavam between May and June. On the 9th day of the festival, the goddess is made to sit in an adorned chariot for a procession. The lengthy procession goes around the limited and prominent areas and finally reaches the temple. Many devotees pull the chariot and it has been considered as the holiest tradition. Since the festival follows Hindu custom, the devotees dedicate curd, sandal, rice, buttermilk. The Villianur Temple car festival is observed by the Pondy local residents and adjoining states. The festival date is decided depends on the full moon day.

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International Yoga Festival

yoga photoPhoto by o0bsessed

The Union Territory Pondicherry celebrates International Yoga Festival grandly. From January 4th to 7th January the festival is observed to promote the yoga philosophies and the art of yoga.  In this occasion, many yoga masterpieces from around the world gather here and conduct discussions, shows etc. Indian classical dance and music are performed by the concerned. Young children to adults participate in the yoga festival and showcase their yoga ability.

The people of Puducherry never forget to celebrate the important days which reveals their sincerity and dedication towards their state.

The Key Festivals Of Puducherry

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