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There many collections of interesting and lively celebrations linked with Karnataka state and their people. These carnivals and festivals celebrated in Karnataka are a complete replication of the wide range of vibrant heritage and legacy of this charming state of the South India. Each and every festival or carnivals that are celebrated in the state of Karnataka have an extraordinary worth for the people since these create spaces for social interaction as well as intimacy. There are many specials festivals and fairs in Karnataka which are celebrated in all the villages and towns of the state. The carnivals and festivals range from being spiritual and traditional to being related to the day to day survival strategy of the numerous people.

The distinct carnivals and festivals of the state will have social importance and are equally celebrated through the various religious people in Karnataka with cheerfulness and splendour. Few fairs or carnivals that are celebrated in Karnataka are Godachi fair, Shri Yellamma Devi fair, Sri Vithappa fair, and Banashankari Devi fair. While the festivals that are celebrated in the state are Hampi Festival, Dusshera, Vairamudi festival, Buffalo race festival and Tula Sankramana.

Hampi Festival photoPhoto by vilapicina

Hampi Festival

The festivities for the Hampi Festival that is celebrated Karnataka comprise of several programs that retain the spirits of the entire people great and offer them and chance to cheer as well as revive the wonder of their land. The celebrations consist of drama, music, dance and also interesting puppet shows. You can also find stunning fireworks at the display which brighten up the sky and mighty parades are carried out, the whole lot of thing restores the glory of Hampi town. This festival is celebrated almost three days and it is one of the best famous festivals that is been celebrated in Karnataka very grand in manner.

Dussehra photoPhoto by J I G I S H A a.k.a Nitin Badhwar


This festival has celebrated a symbol of the grand victory got for the good over the evil and is the best and utmost auspicious festivals in Karnataka in India, that as got an extraordinary celebration in the Karnataka state. Different from the other places of India, where Dusshera is celebrated only one day but in the royal city of Mysore situated in Karnataka where its celebration will long for about 10 days. Mythologies have it were in the prehistoric times; Goddess Chamundeshwari destroyed the demon Mahishasura. The day which the Mahishasura died due to the Goddess, is that day known as ‘Vijaydashmi’. Vijaydashmi is celebrated on the final day of the Dasara festival.

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Being in the 21st century, parades of the Dasara festival are still done in a very traditional manner. It is also called the ‘Jamboo Savari’, the marches take in parades of gorgeously decorated elephants, where one of those will carry the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari. These elephants march with a torchlight parade are started from Mysore Palace and finally ends at Bannimantap. The torch-light carnival is customarily recognized as “Panjina Kavayithu” and will always take place on the final day of Dasara celebration.

Kambala  photoPhoto by Neo-grapher

Kambala Festival

Kambala Festival, a rustic festival that is been celebrated in Karnataka is every year with a full of josh, lot of enthusiasm as wells as vigor. The Kambala Festival is widespread for the reason that of it is associated with the Buffalo Race. The Kambala Festival is famed for its Buffalo race which is conducted at the time of the celebrations. Throughout the Kambala Festival that is celebrated in Karnataka, while the fields are wet, and the buffalos are ready to race on these tracks, edged through a robust farmer who will come when the buffaloes surfing then complementing his way on top of the wooden plank. The buffalo race will start in the middle of a lot of colors, passion also cheers. The buffalo that is the best hastiest will win the first prize.

Sri Vithappa Fair

During the 14th or 15th day of the Aswija month, a miniature hamlet named the Vithappa that springs back to the life and celebrate the grand Sri Vithappa Fair. In the course of the festival, an image of the deity that will be decorated with clothes, flowers, and banana will be carried out through the streets of the entire village. A reliant on 60 drum players, gathered from further parts of the state, go together with this procession. A number of devotees are growing extremely each and every year. Supreme stimulating portion of the festival is that you can see many urban people succeeding ages-old customs. Quite a lot of rituals will be associated with this fair. Certain devotees give milk to be the offering for the God idol that is been carriedand trust that it will be changed into curd naturally as soon as their offering is completed. Sacrificing animal is also the part of the festival that is vended to devotees for a value through the priest of the shrine.

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Godachi Fair

Godachi Fair is the notable carnival that will be celebrated in the first month of Kartik in all the tiny village of Ramdurg Taluk which is located in Belgaum district. The feast is celebrated in the honor of God Shri Veerbhadra, the dominant god in the Veerbhadra temple and a domineering associated spirits of Great Lord Shiva. Every year a fair will be organized by the Karnataka Tourism bring forward many food stalls, rides, competitions, games, traditional festivities, and much more.


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Carnivals And Festivals Celebrated In Karnataka

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