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Kareri Lake In Kangra District Of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh with its beautiful hills, in the lap of lofty snow clad mountains, has myriad lakes with cool and serene water, which mirror the immense beauty of this paradise on earth.  Kareri village is 35km from Dharamsala at an elevation of 1,810 meters. It is surrounded by green meadows, oak and pine trees. This lake is a famous trekking spot of the region.

The Kareri Lake is situated in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is one of several shallow fresh water lakes in the Indian Himalayan area. The Kareri Lake is made by the influx of melted waters with the Mankiani Peak. The Kareri Lake functions as a foundation for trekkers who have desire to go deep into dhauladhar range. Beauty of the lake is not for amateurs but is for the experienced trekkers who can endure 5 to 6 hours trek with moderate elevation in one go. You have one stop in between the trek and that is kareri village itself. Forest rest house is for stay and you can book it before you start your journey by calling guard and get assured place to stay, only if space available. But local people are quite accommodating and you can stay in one shop available in the village as they too offer paid stay. People are simple with a craze of having chat with strangers. While your stay you will feel in actual how time passes and will be elated by discovering how much time you have at your disposal.

Full trek from top to bottom is filled with greenery and you will find pine, oak trees along with green meadows. You will come across many small water ways in between the trek. Wooden bridges will thrill and give a chill to your city lifestyle. At kareri lake there is temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Devi Shakti. You will get cemented accommodation for stay and a nearby shop for food here too. There is no charge for stay if you have your own bedding but small amount will be charged if you ask them for bedding as shopkeeper will make your life comfortable at uninhabitable place. If you want to spend more, then you should ask shopkeeper to provide tents and enjoy yourself directly under nature. You can reach Kareri village either by Ghera village or by jeepable road to Salli village Project.

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The Kareri Lake is encircled by mountains with pine trees. Best time for trekking here is Indian summer season and you may also visit in September and October. It is most likely that it is covered with snow for the rest of the year. The area is rich in its flora and fauna. For an expert it is 9 hour journey to the spot from Mcleodganj. The trek is not so easy but when you reach the lake you will forget everything about the rest of the world and beauty of the lake will alter your emotions and will add your soul to the nature. The tranquility starts with the glimpse and will startle you for more than an hour.  One feels like in heaven and importance and healing power of nature will take your all worries. It gives a feeling that time spent here has rectified one’s mind and connection with Mother Nature has paradigm shift about bliss.

Kareri Lake tourist destination is not the place where your money will take you but your fitness also matters. You can take it granted that this place is a sort of virgin spot with very few tourists visiting in comparison to the total number of tourists heading towards Dharamsala. Himachal government is taking many steps towards clean and environment friendly usable items to preserve beauty of nature. Many steps have been taken and laws implemented to save wildlife from human interference. Government mountaineering institutes as well as private professional are providing services for safe trekking to the visitors.

Featured Photo: Kareri by Nomadic Memories under CC BY 2.0

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