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Indian Weddings have so many beautiful rituals, some rituals are full of fun and excitement and some are full of emotions leaving tears in one’s eyes. Apart from the Saath Pheras there is one more very important ritual in Indian Hindu Wedding and that is Kanyadaan. This Indian ritual is one of the most emotional moments in the weddin where the actually father gives away his beloved daughter to the groom in the marriage. This ritual has huge significance in any Indian wedding and considered highly valued. So stay tuned with me while I take you to this beautiful journey filled with emotions .

Kanyadaan: An Emotional Moment For The Father And The Bride

What does the word Kanyadaan mean? Kanya means Girl and Daan means Donate. So this term factually means donation of the girl. This ritual demands the father to give away his beautiful daughter to the groom. By performing this ritual the father fulfils his duty as a parent. In Hindu tradition the bride is considered to be an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and the groom is considered to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hence this ritual has high emotional and religious significance for the parents of the bride.

One cannot imagine the level of emotion the father goes through while performing this very custom. We always see that fathers share a very special bond with their daughters more than their sons, I guess this extra love and care is somewhere related to this ritual. The day the daughter is born, the father from that very moment has this Kanyadaan ritual in his mind. He thinks that one day his little daughter has to go away from him, I believe this one ritual ties him more emotionally with his daughter. Making this ultimate sacrifice the father is definitely charged with immense emotions. Giving away his little daughter into the hands of an another man and that too for lifetime is a tough donation isn’t it.

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I remember when my Papa performed this ritual, he had tears in his eyes and I can’t forget moment ever in my life. In fact it still gives me Goosebumps, I have always been my Papa’s girl. If I ever have to answer the question who do I love more Papa or Ma, my answer without a second thought would be Papa. This emotional ritual is a tough one for both I believe, the father and daughter.

Kanyadaan: Know This Emotional Ritual

Mostly performed by the parents of the bride, Kanyadaan is also known as the Mahadaan. In the absence of the bride’s parents any elder member performs this ritual. The ritual looks extremely striking, as the father takes the right hand of the brides hand and places over the groom’s hand and further over that betel nuts, betel leaves, fruits, flowers, gold and conch are put. While the dad hands over the hand of his daughter to the groom, the mother of the bride pours water over the palms of the bride. This moment looks extremely beautiful as the water flows down to the grooms hand, guess it gives the groom as an emotional touch. While the parents donate their most precious gift to the groom, the groom accepts it this gift from them by touching the brides right shoulder. He promises the parents to take good care of their daughter and fulfil all the responsibilities. He commits to the parents to always protect and take care of all her needs for the rest of her life, just like her parents always did. The ritual takes place amidst beautiful Vedic hymns, which are chanted by the pandit (priest) to bless the marriage.

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Kanyadaan: Conventional Views

As per orthodox views, the father should only give his virgin daughter as a donation to the groom in the marriage. As the Vedic views consider the bride to be an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and the groom is considered to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hence this donation is expected to be pure in all forms and is hypothetical to bring prosperity and happiness to both families of the bride and groom.

While the parents of the bride officially hands over his daughter to the son-in-law, he also gives all the duties and rights of his daughter to the groom. This is a moment of mixed emotions, where the parents are happy to fulfil their utmost important duty at the same time scared to let their daughter walk away from their lives forever. This Mahadaan leaves the parents and their daughter spell bound for that moment, isn’t it tough? I guess it’s just not in this very tradition, be it any caste from any country it would always be difficult for any father to let go his little daughter forever. Probably this is one of the most helpless situations for any parent. I miss my parents a lot, would you want to share your very emotional moment with us then do leave a comment.

Kanyadaan: An Intrinsic & Emotional Ritual

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