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8658108882 1252636a62 Jagdalpur Forest

India has always been in a popular tourist spot for the international tourists. The unique climatic and geographical character has given the country a high position in the list of “must visit nations.” Apart from the natural beauty, it is also gaining popularity as a well-known destination for adventure sports. One such place, which has a potent concoction of natural beauty and rare wildlife population, is the Kanger Ghati National Park. The area is known for being the abode of the unique Bastar hill myna, which is considered to be the “state bird of Chhattisgarh.”

Location of the national park

The Kanger Ghati National Park map will make it clear that the protected forest is located in the Bastar district, in the state of Chhattisgarh. The area is also known as the Kanger Valley National Park. With time, the popularity of the Kanger Ghati National Park has been increasing among national and international tourists. A close look at the Kanger Ghati National Park map will show that the closest major city is Jagdalpur.

The forest was brought under the monitoring of the Conservator of Forest and professed a protected national park in the year 1982. The amazing forest suffered long under the darkness of oblivion due to the menace of the Maoists. Thankfully peace has been restored in the Bastar district, and the forest is getting the attention it deserves.

Kanger Ghati National ParkPhoto by asim chaudhuri(

Area covered by the Kanger Ghati National Park

According to official reports, the forest is spread over an area of 200.00 km2. A quick look at the Kanger Ghati National Park map shows that the forest starts from the famous Tirathgarh waterfalls and stretches till the Kolab River. The river is located near the state border of Odisha. Apart from the amazing flora, breath taking fauna and the enchanting silence of the woods, the tourists will also be greeted by the local tribes with their song and dance performances. If anyone wants to experience the real thrill of staying in the middle of the forest, getting the details of the Kanger Valley National Park accommodation is a must.

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About the flora and fauna of the area

When acquiring information about the Kanger Ghati tour packages, you will know not only about the safari available in the forest but gather details about the various kinds of animals and plants, which you will see here. There are no extra points for guessing that there are innumerable medicinal plants and trees that yield valuable timber. There are many rare kinds of flowering plants and trees as well.

Apart from the plants, the Kanger Ghati National Park will provide you with a wide variety of animals as well. Leopards, tigers, chital, wild cat, barking deer, sambar, langurs, jackals, wild boar, flying squirrel, rabbits, striped hyena are only some of the animals tourists will see here. The water bodies in the area house various kinds of fishes while different breeds of birds inhabit the tree tops. If you want to get the taste of this exciting adventure then opting for well-planned Kanger Ghati tour packages is a must.

Staying in the forest

Another interesting feature of the forest safari is that you can opt for Kanger Valley National Park accommodation as well that is offered by the government. The tourists can opt for the government forest bungalows, which are given on rent. The charges of these bungalows are moderate, and anyone will be able to afford it. The tribal people, living on the fringes of the Kanger Ghati National Park will provide the much-needed entertainment during the evening. When night falls in these jungles, the drum beats and tribal songs make the atmosphere electric. So, make sure that you choose the Kanger Ghati tour packages, which will provide you with these benefits.

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Apart from knowing about the Kanger Valley National Park accommodation, you also must know about the time that is best for visiting the forest. It is better to avoid the monsoons and the peak summer months. The beauty of the Kanger Ghati National Park gets enhanced in the winter months. The low temperatures will not exhaust the tourists and enjoying flora and fauna of the forest, will be easy.

Featured Photo by i m meethi

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