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The festive season in India has begun.  Many homes in India are now celebrating Dasara –  a festival of 10 days and 10 nights.  It is a festival to celebrate the victory of Lord Ram over the evil Asur Ravan.  It is also the time to revere the Mother Goddess.  Each temple has unique rituals to celebrate this festival.  Here is how this festival is celebrated at Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada.

The Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada

durga photo

Photo by Mike Prince

First, a small introduction to this small temple.  The Kanaka Durga temple is located on the Indrakeeladri hills, on the banks of Krishna river in Vijayawada.  The idol here is a self-manifested ancient idol.

Mythology about this city and temple

There is a mention of this temple in Kaalika Puraana, Durgaa Sapthashati and other ancient works such as Shakti Puran and Shiv Purans

According to one legend, Lord Shiva made a route, a tunnel, in the rocky region for River Krishna to flow through. Since tunnels are called Bejjam in the Telugu language the city came to acquire the name Bejawada.

Another legend talks of how the Pandava Arjuna prayed to Lord Shiva on top of this Indrakeela hill got the Pashupathastra. This weapon played an important role in helping the Pandavas to win the Mahabharat war. This is the reason how the city is also called Vijayawada (Vijay for Victory).

There is another legend of how sage Indrakila mediated on the mother goddess, Kanaka Durga here to rid the earth of the terror-striking Mahishasura rakshas.  The Goddess was pleased and granted his wish by annihilating the asura and his tribe.  She later settled on this hill, named after the sage, as Kanaka Durga to bless all her devotees.

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The idols in this temple

durga photo

Photo by Essency Design

The main deity in this temple is Goddess Kanaka Durga.  The idol of the Goddess here is 4 foot tall with eight arms holding powerful weapons.  The Goddess is standing on the Mahishasura, the evil asura and with a downturned trident.  The idol looks radiant with various ornaments and flowers.  People stand in long queues and feel immensely pleased and blessed on getting just one glimpse of this powerful Goddess.

The other main deity is Lord Shiva who is called Malleswara Swamy here.  One can also find other deities such as Lord Nataraj, Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Kali and Goddess Krishna (river) in the same precincts.

Dasara Celebrations

Dasara is one of the most important festivals celebrated in this temple.  The Goddess is dressed up in her different forms (Alankarams) on all the 10 days of the festival.

1st day

Swarna Kavachalankrita

Idol dressed in gold (Swarna) ornaments

Legend- the goddess blessed king Madhava Varma with gold for executing justice to a child wronged by his own son

2nd day

Bala Tripurasundari

The goddess is dressed in form of small girl child Bala Tripurasundari, the Child-Goddess who demolished 30 demon sons of Bhandasura demon

3rd Day


This form is an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi who provides food and nourishment even to Lord Shiva himself

4th day

Gayatri Devi

The embodiment of Gayatri mantra– five head Goddess married Lord Brahma

5th day

Lalitha Tripurasundari

Mother of Bala Tripurasundari – one of the ten Mahavidyas Goddesses who killed the evil demon Bhandasura.

6th day


The Goddess of the arts, Learning, Knowledge, and Wisdom

7th day


The Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth

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8th Day

Durga Devi

A Warrior Goddess – An avatar of Goddess Parvati

9th day

Mahishasuramardini Devi

The slayer of the buffalo demon Mahishasura

10th day

Raja Rajeshwari

The Goddess of fertility and harvest

People throng from nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh and all the country to have a darshan of Goddess Kanaka Durga in the above radiant forms during Dasara.

How to Reach the Kanaka Durga Temple

This temple is located in the center of Vijayawada City center is just 10 minutes away from the City’s Central Bus stop and Railway Station.  The Vijayawada airport is 20 km away from the temple.

Vijayawada is accessible for air travelers via Hyderabad which is 275 km away.  This city is also connected to other main cities of India by bus, air, and rail.

The festival has now begun in the temple. The Government has made all the arrangements for pilgrims to visit this temple during the Dasara festivities so that the devotees can get the grace of Goddess Kanaka Durga, the giver of boons. So,  if you are planning to visit temples this season, visit this famous and powerful Goddess and seek her blessing for a long and happy and contented life

Featured Photo by Doorbin(দূরবীন)

Visit The Kanaka Durga Temple In Vijayawada For Navaratri Celebrations

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