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Kamarpukur is a community that is located in the Arambagh subdivision of the Hooghly district in West Bengal. It is one of the favorite places in West Bengal as it is known as the birthplace for Sri Ramakrishna. If you are one of those individuals who stay in Kolkata or the nearby areas of Kamarpukur, you can opt for a Jairambati Kamarpukur tour. It is one of the most preferred tourist spot as well as a pilgrimage place for Bengalis and Hindus. It is the birthplace of Sri Ramakrishna, who was a great saint and philosopher.

The great Ramakrishna took birth under a shed beside a husking pedal. A statue of marble of the Saint Ramakrishna has been designed by the traditional sculptor. It was installed inside the shed. The Kamarpukur Mission and Math are one of the world-renowned religious institutions to preach Hinduism.















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A brief history of the Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Math

It is interesting to note that the Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Math was built in the year 1951 by the monks of Ramakrishna Mission. The temple has a height of 45 feet and kit also possesses a marble statue of Saint Ramakrishna. You would be fascinated to note that a high number of visitors and pilgrims throng Kamarpukur every year. Renowned artists of West Bengal have designed the temple which in turn has made it more fascinating and attractive. It is one of those places where calmness and tranquility are at their best. The provision of accommodation is also available in this location. The Jairambati Kamarpukur tour is one of the preferred places for pilgrimage. The vicinity of this temple has been designed in such a manner that it would depict practicality to the pilgrims and visitors.

The nearby places of interest for travelers in Kamarpukur

As a tourist, you would be fascinated to note that there are several places of concern in Kamarpukur. It is a place which you can visit to experience the tranquil nature of the surroundings as well as you can witness serenity. It is a ideal location for those who are on the lookout to see spiritual solace. However, there are other nearby places of interests where you can visit to experience the ultimate thrill and religious peace. Here is the complete list of them:

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Matri Mandir

It is one of the favorite Jairambati Kamarpukur tour places where you can visit to witness spirituality at its very best. You can stay at Kamarpukur Hotels to ward off your tiredness. It is located right at the center of Jairambati. On the other hand, it is also known as the Jairambati Math. It is also situated close to Kamarpukur Hotels. Hence, you do not find any difficulty reaching this place. It is also regarded as the birthplace of Ma Sharada. It attracts an enormous number of believers all around the year. There is an extension of the temple which is also known as the prayer hall. It is interesting to note that the temple area also houses the old place of Ma Sharada. The Math can be easily accessed from Kamarpukur Hotels.












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The Simhavahini Temple

It is a temple that has been marked on the Jairambati map. If you are traveling to this place for the very first time, then consider taking a Jairambati Kamarpukur map. It is temple which is popular for Ma Sharada. According to ancient historical accounts, it is the exact place where Ma Sharada fasted for many days. The followers and pilgrims visit this place to seek divine blessings. The Jairambati Kamarpukur map would also help you to find affordable hotels and accommodation facilities. The suggested time to visit this place is from January to April. This area has a hot and humid climate which would make you feel uncomfortable. However, as there are plenty of trees around here, you would not find any difficulty.

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Kamarpukur- The Village Blessed With Ramakrishna’s Birth

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