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With its shimmering water and lush green surroundings, the Kalkere Lake in Bangalore is an ideal spot where the busy Bangaloreans can flock to have a mind refreshing weekend. The Kalkere Lake would offer you with endless greens and blues and is a perfect spot where you can set up your barbeque. If you are one of those busy professionals who need a break from the hectic pace of life, flock to this lake to have an overwhelming view of the beauty of Mother Nature. It is indeed one of those pristine lakes in the vicinity of Bangalore which would offer you with pristine blue skies and unpolluted water. The Kalkere Lake is also a perfect spot where you can unwind all get back to daily chores with a fresh mind.

A brief overview of the Kalkere Lake

The Kalkere Lake is located by the side of the Horamavu Agara Road, and since many years, it was known as a neglected water body. It was also in the news as the Kalkere Lake was encroached upon by the land sharks. However, the locals were quick enough to thwart such an attempt, and that is why they organized a walkathon. It created awareness among the minds of people, and now the Kalkere Lake boasts some of the stunning views. The Horamavu Agara Road is also known as mud road which would lead you this lake.

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The beautiful aspects of visiting this lake on weekends

This lake spans an area of 51 acres and is hidden from the collective din of the city. This is the reason that individuals find this place serene and calm. It has a tranquil environment to offer to the likes of picnickers. It is also located far across from the busy areas of Hennur. The Horamavu Agara Road is also an ideal road where one can test their rough driving skills, and it is one of those places where you can park yourself amidst all the greenery. Quite interestingly, once you enter the Kalkere Lake, you would be greeted with sights that best resemble the scenery of Goa. There are endless coconut trees and the view of them swaying in the light breeze is a fascinating one.

An ideal lake for fitness freaks

In order to make sure that the nearby areas of Hennur are free from land sharks, the local authorities have tried their best to promote this place as a spot where morning walkers and fitness freaks can practice exercises. However, if you are going to this lake for the picnic, always make sure that you clean up the area after your fest is over. It is so because this lake is strictly being monitored by local civic authorities and you would be penalized if they find traces of food that is leftover from your picnic. Moreover, prior permission is also needed from the authorities to conduct feast there as it has been cleaned up recently. The Horamavu Agara Road can also be taken after evening as it is well lit by the roadside lights. Hence, from the perspective of safety, it scores full stars. You can come here with your partner or your family without worrying much about your safety.

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The ideal time to visit this lake

Though this lake situated across Horamavu Agara Road can be visited all throughout the year and at any time of the day, the ideal time to visit is in winters. In winters, you can see a lot of migratory birds which further enhances the beauty of this place. Moreover, for passionate birdwatchers, this lake would be an ideal one as it would help one to make sure that their bird watching delights have come true. The perfect time of the day to visit this lake is at the time of the sunset. The sun going down the waters is a sight to behold for the likes of many individuals. Visit this lake for a fascinating experience on the weekends.

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The Kalkere Lake In Bangalore Is A Perfect Weekend Picnic Getaway

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