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Kalimpong, a small hill station located in the northern part of Darjeeling, is one of the towns of West Bengal having magnificent scenic beauty. The view of the high mountains, gardens can take your breath away & it’s sometimes called a paradise for the nature lovers. Along with a lot of facilities to do adventure, Kalimpong attracts a huge number of visitors by the mesmerizing beauty of its mountains, valleys, historical temples, monasteries, delicious local foods & what not!

Every infrastructure is Kalimpong is believed to have emerged from individual story lines which imply the rich history & tradition of this town. If you’re planning to go on a tour to Kalimpong, don’t miss the chance to visit the places mentioned below-

Deolo Hill

It’s the highest point (around 1700m high0 of the city of Kalimpong. There are three ponds of fresh water that surround the hill area which is a very important source of water for the locals. Deolo hill is famous for its height & also for enabling the visitors to enjoy some mind-blowing view of the mountains located around it. The main attraction of this hill is the recreational park which is situated at the top of Deolo. It’s one of the most favorite options for the adventure lovers since the hills offer a lot of adventure sports & activities such as paragliding, trekking, horse-riding etc.

Dr. Graham’s Home

This is an educational institution situated at the lower steep of Deolo hills which was founded by Sir Anderson Graham back in the 1900s. This is a house like complex acquiring an area of about 600 acres. It offers vocational courses on banking, farming, clothing, medication & poultry. The maintenance & educational expenses are sponsored by a good number of non-governmental institutions from different parts around the world. Dr. Graham’s Home is an ideal place to know about the early education system of Kalimpong which is why it also attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year.

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Kalimpong Cactus Nursery

kalimpong cactus nursery photoPhoto by Abhishek_Kumar

This place can please your mind with its exotic colorful flowers & the mesmerizing view of some rarest cactus and orchids which are unique in their appearance. The whole place seems to be covered with a green carpet having varieties of cactus plants. Kalimpong cactus nursery attracts quite a large number of tourists due to its beautiful environment and comfortable weather.



Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa

Zong Dog Palri is a Buddhist monastery founded back in 1975 under the instruction of Dalai Lama. It’s situated on the Durpin Hill which is why people call it ‘Darpins’ Monastery’. Buddhists consider Zong Dog Palri as one of their major religious centers around the world & many of them visit this monastery once every year. The delicacy of architecture, painted walls, pillars are some of the attractive features of this monastery.

Lava Monastery

Lava is one of the favorite spots for the tourists coming to the West Bengal. It’s an entry to the Neora Valley National Park where you can find black bears, barking deer & can also enjoy the floral beauties in the moist areas. Lava monastery is a place where you will find a statue of Buddha & monks residing there for quite a long time. This place will never fail to amaze you with its peaceful environment!

Climate In Kalimpong

Summer (March-May): If you want to visit Kalimpong for sightseeing, you must go there in summer. The sky remains clear & the weather is comfortable during summer.

Monsoon (June-September): Kalimpong experiences heavy rainfall during monsoon which causes road blockages & huge traffic jam. It’s not a good time for the tourists to visit Kalimpong.

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Winter (December-February): The temperature remains 15°C on an average though it can fall down to 1°C at times. The temperature goes down to its minimum in the hills & mountains.

Kalimpong is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy both the adventurous activities & sightseeing. This town in the West Bengal is bestowed with varieties of floras, faunas & also some excellent scenic beauties which makes it a must visit town for the tourists around the world.

Photo by Abhishek_Kumar

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