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1466714958 7e8950f91b Kaas Plateau

If you are someone who loves flowers, then the Kaas Plateau would be your ideal choice. It is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra and is also known as a biodiversity in the Indian Western Ghats. The small yet tantalizing Kaas Plateau is so rich in vibrant colors and fragrance that it can even heal a patient. Looking forward to visiting the Kaas Plateau? Then you need to consider the Kaas Plateau Hotels. The best time to visit this place is inarguably in the spring. It is the right time where you can witness the smell and sight of flowers at its best. This place also has one of the most significant concentrations of endemic flowering plants.

Biodiversity of this place

This place is very rich in biodiversity in the Western Ghats. This is the reason that UNESCO has tagged this place as a World Heritage Site. You can find many endangered and endemic plants on this place. This is the reason that a tourist has to take prior permission from the government before visiting this place. The Kaas Plateau Hotels are also designed in such a manner that you can get the best view of the Kaas Plateau. You can find 650 species of endemic plants on this place. This is the reason that you should acquire a permit before entering the Kaas Plateau.

Kaas PlateauPhoto by Ankur P

Geography of this place

It is interesting to note that this place is situated 25 kilometers away from Satara. You can reach this place by two ways. One is the direct road from Satara, and the other is the road from Tapola that goes through Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar. You would be fascinated to know that the significant portion of the plateau is a reserve forest. The plants that grow on this place are herbaceous. Hence, you can witness a lot of herb like plants in this place.

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Kaas PlateauPhoto by Ankur P

The other tourist attractions of the Kaas Plateau

You would be fascinated to know that this place is not only known for flowers. It is a place where you can witness the ancient history. This place is situated by the side of the Kaas Lake, and this lake is surrounded by a dense forest. The Kaas Plateau lies between the Sajjangad Fort and the Kanher Dam. You can also visit the Vajrai Waterfall that is located nearby. The affordable Kaas Plateau Hotels are always a viable option where you can stay in an affordable manner.  The best time to visit this place is in the spring season. However, the places to visit near Kaas Plateau should always be on your travel itinerary. On the other hand, the best time to visit this place is in the winters too. The sight of dew on the flowers is a magnificent sight which can genuinely enthrall your senses.

Kaas PlateauPhoto by UrbanWanderer

A visit to Kaas Plateau

In order to visit this place, you need to take into account prior arrangements. The places to visit near Kaas Plateau are one of the most formidable places. You can also visit the several points of attractions that lie near the Kaas Plateau. The best places to visit near Kaas Plateau are one of those areas that reignite your passion for traveling. It is also interesting to note that this plateau features several birds. Hence, as an avid fan of bird watching, you can always visit this place. The place is significantly maintained by the local authorities, and you can easily find some local shops that specialize in providing you with tea and bread. You can also see the carnivorous plants with the help of which you can have a significant sight. The Kaas Plateau is one of those places with the help of which you can genuinely fascinate your senses.

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Featured Photo by Sebastian Joseph

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