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Jumpin Heights – An Thrilling Experience For Every Adventure Junkie

If someone has already told you that Rishikesh is the hub of adventure activities, they aren’t anywhere incorrect. After all, there’s a reason behind the city being prominent as an adventure hub of India! Already, the white river rafting has become a fan-favorite adventure activity here. But that’s just the beginning, because Rishikesh is one such zone which focuses on making your adventure trip unforgettable, and of course, safe! And bungee-jumping is another adventurous activity that can make your experience all the more exhilarating! Now this is something that brings in the discussion about Jumpin heights and how to visit here.

Meet Jumpin Heights – India’s Extreme Adventurous Spot

Calling Rishikesh the adventurous capital of the country is nowhere an exaggeration, especially when you have a slew of adventurous activities that are on offer here. Rishikesh introduces Jumpin Heights as a major thrilling spot for adventure seekers. You no longer need to travel the whole nine yards in order to experience adventure in New Zealand, because your country avails you a host of thrills that can leave you with memories for a lifetime!

Jumpin Heights – An Thrilling Experience for Every Adventure Junkie
Photo of ‘Bungee jumping at Spring Fling’ by Bill Morrow under CC BY 2.0

A Glimpse of Adventure Activities Available Here

A roller coaster ride is a mainstream idea to have fun! You get a host of opportunity concerning the enthralling adventurous activities that this spot offer. Experience bungee jumping in India by visiting Jumpin heights! If you go for bungee jumping, keep in mind that your ankles would be tied to the chord! A heart pumping falling over is waiting for you after that! Exciting, isn’t it?

And if it is not enough, there the giant swing, where usually you’ll have a partner sitting in the seat (or may be that seat-like harness)! You will experience a thrilling ride only after a gentle push!

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Maybe (or maybe not) that’s not enough for you! So, here’s what flying fox is all about! You’ll be tethered into the harness horizontally and will be free-falling along the rope! And the most adventurous part is, you will be cutting through the air at 160 km/h speed.

These are the three rides which are designed to offer some amazing adventure experience! These experiences would leave you speechless!

If you are concerned about safety, don’t worry because there would be extra care for you, in case you are a newbie in the world of adventure! Jumpin heights is amazingly maintaining an adventurous standard when compared to other locations of the world. But before you make your first step into the world of adventure by trying out any of the aforementioned activities; it is pivotal to keep some safety tips in mind. Say, if you want to experience bungee jumping in India for the very first time, you should have a fair idea about it! So, here go the tips!

A Couple of Important Tips

Traveling to the spot can get tiring, so it is essential to be prepared with a pair of hiking shoes. You don’t have to worry about water bottles, as these are offered here. You are not allowed to carry your camera here. You’ll get your own videos from there. Sadly, people having high blood pressure, osteoporosis, epilepsy or suffering from heart conditions cannot enjoy the adventures associated with Jumpin heights.

Best Time to Visit

Performing adventurous activities is like overcoming a fear from inside! And it is up to you to choose the appropriate time of the year! As long as you are confident to deal with it, you can visit the spot anytime of the year. But keep in mind that it’s not a Tuesday, because this place is only closed on Tuesdays.

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How to reach jumping heights from Rishikesh?

Wondering about how to reach jumping heights from Rishikesh? You can take a bus or book a cab to visit this adventurous spot.

Being the highest bungee jumping location, Jumpin Heights holds a reputable name as India’s major adventurous spot. To put things specifically, calling it the longest flying fox rides of Asia isn’t anywhere an exaggeration! The jump masters here are professional and skilled at what they do! Rest can only be experienced once you book your tickets to Rishikesh and visit this spot!

Photo of ‘Bungee Jumping I’ by Tambako The Jaguar under CC BY-ND 2.0

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