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Jumahar- Explaining The True Beauty Of Nature

Jumahar has a unique quality of blending with each and every weather and make the environment relishing for the travelers who pass a long journey to witness the surreal beauty of Jumahar. Those who are still unaware of Jumahar and want to know more about it, you people have landed to the right destination.

Jumahar- Explaining the True Beauty of Nature

Jumahar is a village situated around Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, North India. This place is quite easy to reach. All you need is to travel 13 km ahead of Chamba and you can easily get to visit Jumahar in no time. As compared to a quite popular district of Himachal Pradesh- Chamba, this village is on a slightly higher altitude which ultimately adds a lot to its beauty.

If you are fond of having quality, rich in color and organic apples then Jumahar is the right place waiting for you. According to an agricultural report, Jumahar has been considered as one of the best and most recommended producers of fresh and organically grown apples.

In this village named Jumahar, there is a school which has been built and maintained under temple premises. However, the school infrastructure, internet, water and electricity services are not really as good as it should be but somehow the natives of Jumahar are managing their ways and lives quite perfectly. Getting access to electricity, and other commonly available facilities is a bit harder than cities, but the natives do not a complaint about it often. This one reason makes this place even more beautiful to live in.

Usually, the weather there is cold, still, a high majority of people love traveling to Jumahar in the winter times only. Thinking what is the reason behind it? Well, it is the joy of snowfall and heavy rainfall. Apart from inconvenience measures, there is no harm in visiting this place in winters or any other season. But at the same time, the travel agents or guides working out there, often suggests visiting Jumahar in between- June to September.

In case, you are on a tour to Jumahar and want to enjoy its beauty at its best then here is a string of nearby places that you can enjoy your tour at- Nurpur, Kangra, Kareri lake, Kangra, Tibetan Institute at Kangra, Dharamshala, Kangra, Dhauladhar, Kangra, Kalatop Khajjar Wil, Chamba, St. John in the Wild, Kangra, Dalhousie, Chamba, Khajjar, Chamba, McLeodGanj, Kangra, Banni Mata temple, Chamba and much more.

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In order to facilitate you with other leverages like food and good rooms, there are a number of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy the native cuisine and get to stay in hotel rooms with a nice view.

The concluding words-

This blog unravels the undiscovered beauty of nature named as Jumahar located in the queen of hills- Himachal Pradesh. This place is quite recognized for its iconic beauty surrounded by the dense forests. You can get to visit some great places around it which are hard to find and relish in anywhere else in the world.

Featured Photo of ‘Chamera.. Hydro Power Resvoir…Himachal Pradesh’ by BOMBMAN under CC BY 2.0

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