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paddy fields photoJoyrambati is quite famous in West Bengal as a pilgrimage site. It is the birthplace of Maa Saradamoni, the wife of Saint Ramakrishna, a great Devotee of Goddess Kali. Situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal, Joyrambati is a small village with vast stretches of green pastures, trees, and agricultural lands.

This place is frequently visited by devotees, especially those who are followers of Ramakrishna. There is a temple dedicated to Maa Saradamani, who was born here in 1853, on 22nd of December.

The temple is known as Shri Shri Matri Mandir and it is built on the very place where a house of Ramchandra Mukhopadhyay, father of Maa Sarada used to be. Known as “Holy Mother” popularly among her devotees, it is said that  Maa Sarada was kind-hearted, caring since her early childhood days and on numerous accounts have generously helped others without giving a second thought about her own comfort. She stood beside Saint Ramakrishna and aided him in Dakshineswar to worship Goddess Kali and to progress in his religious path. Her sayings and thoughts reflected wisdom and showed the way to face various challenges of life, taught the meaning of sacrifices.

About the temple:

The Temple Shri Shri Matri Mandir was built in 1923 by Shri Saradanandaji. The height of the temple is 45 feet and it has a white peak. At the back of the temple is the room where Maa Sarada spent her last days and carried forward the works of Saint Ramakrishna who left for heavenly abode before her. The room displays the cot and beddings used by her and her footprints in Vermillion. There is a statue of Maa Sarada made in white marble present in the temple. The residual bones of Maa Sarada are preserved carefully in this temple.

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There is a pond inside the south-western temple premises known as Punyi Pukur which was used by her. Taking a dip in this water is considered to be auspicious and devotees still take a holy bath in it.

How to reach:

Joyrambati can be reached via roadways from Kolkata airport within 2 hours. The nearest rail station is that of Bankura. Apart from these various routes from Howrah and Esplanade and Bishnupur can be taken to reach the place.
Nearby attractions include Naranarayan temple in Jayrambati and Shantinath temple in Shridhar.

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Joyrambati – Abode Of Maa Sarada

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