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Jorpokhri – A Quaint Hill Station In West Bengal

Darjeeling is known to more or less everyone as a must-visit hill station in West Bengal. However, there are also a few offbeat places, which may lack the limelight but lacks nothing in at all in presenting nature’s beauty to the fullest. Jorpokhri is one of them. This small village is located about 19 kilometers from the main town of Darjeeling and at a high altitude of 7400 feet. 

Jorpokhri is said to have derived its name because of two lakes which are present over here. The literal meaning of “ Jor” means two or twins, and “pokhri” denotes a lake or a water body. So basically Jorpokhri presents a fantastic view of Kanchenjunga and twin lakes which are located on a mountain top. The sides of the lake have been solidified by concrete and provision for sitting is also made, so that the visitors may enjoy the amazing views. A fountain and a model of Nagraaj is also present in the lake. The beauty of the lake is enhanced by pristine white swans floating in the water and reminding us of the fairy tales which describes such peaceful and charming environment; a bygone time, and land which is so much different from all the chaos of today’s city and modern life. 

A rare and near about extinct creature, i.e. the salamander, is also found to live in these waters. However, Jorpokhri is just not about these water bodies. This place is a part of a natural reserve and you may take a leisurely stroll in the senchal forest. With beautiful pine trees and dhupi covering the forest lands and colorful birds chirping all around, the forest visit is one of the thrilling and enjoyable aspects of this place. Not to forget magnificent views of beautiful snow-capped peak views, mesmerizing sunrise and sunset scenes on Kanchenjunga can also be seen. Beautiful landscapes of the town of Kurseong and Darjeeling is also visible from here. Thus a combination of mountains, forests, and lakes, a nature-lover could not ask for more. With nicely planned and maintained gardens lined with pine trees hours will just go by just looking at the nature views from the viewpoint in Jorpokhri.

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Best time to visit – This place may be visited more or less throughout the year. However autumn and springtime is the most desirable time of the visit. 

How to reach – Jorpokhri may be reached from Siliguri via roadways. It is about 85 kilometers from Siliguri and one may rent a car to Jorpokhri from there. A car may be rented from Darjeeling to Jorpokhri too. It is also a one hour drive from Mirik.

Where to stay – A few cottages, luxurious and budget hotels are available here. Some even offer lake view rooms. However, if you are staying in Darjeeling, Jorpokhri may be visited in the day and you may come back to Darjeeling by evening. 

Featured “Photo of The interplay of the clouds and the hills.” by Abhijit Kar Gupta under CC By 2.0

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