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Jorhat – The Tea Capital Of The World

One particular state which enjoys a lot of tourism is Assam. The reason why Assam enjoys so much of tourism is because of its geographical location. One particular city which comes to my mind when I am talking about Assam is Jorhat. It is one of the few places which has a lot of history which makes it a cultural heritage. Many people have the wrong assumption that Jorhat is just a commercial centre, in this article I would be telling you all you need to know about Jorhat and explain why this city is way more than just a commercial centre.

Jorhat – The Tea Capital Of The World

Assam Tea Garden, Photo taken at Jorhat
Photo of ‘Assam Tea Garden, Photo taken at Jorhat’ by Bidyut Gogoi under CC BY 2.0

1. About The Place

Are you a tea addict? If yes, then you cannot hope for a better place than Jorhat. In Jorhat, wheresoever you go you would be coming across tea gardens which serves amazing tea. Due to the presence of varieties of tea gardens here it is often known as tea capital of the world. Jorhat was a part of the Ahom Dynasty which ruled this place for centuries until 1824 when the British took over this place from them. For every tea lover, this place is a paradise. But Jorhat is not just limited to Tea productions, it is equally famous for jewellery making. Jorhat has a long history of traditions and culture and this is reflected in the work of the jewellery they produce.

2. How to reach this place

The good thing about this place is that it is well connected by road, rail and air. If you are coming here via the mode of railways then you can either think of booking your ticket to Mariani junction or the city centre. From the Mariani junction, it is located at about a distance of 25 kilometres. If you are coming via air then you would need to book your tickets for Rowriah airport. It is necessary that wheresoever you stay, Jet Airways operate there because the only airline which runs daily flights to Jorhat is Jet Airways. If you are coming here by road then you would need to ride on NH 37. The roads are really well maintained and if you manage to reach Guwahit or Dibrugarh you can easily get buses which would drop you at Jorhat.

3. Best time to visit

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If you are thinking of coming to Jorhat then you would have to be very specific because not every climate is suitable for this place. During the monsoons, this place receives a lot of rainfall which would spoil your vacation if you visit it during this time. During the summer, the place tends to get very hot which would lead to a very exhausting trip. Therefore, the best time to visit is during the post-monsoon or the winter. The best months would be from November – February.

4. Best Places To Visit

As I said that people have a very wrong perception about Jorhat that it is just a commercial place. I would be mentioning a few places below which would certainly change your mind about this place.

A Pregnant Capped Langur
Photo of ‘A Pregnant Capped Langur’ by Santulan Mahanta under CC BY 2.0

1. Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary

The first place that comes to my mind when I am talking about best places in Jorhat is the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located at a distance of about 20 kilometres from the city and spread over 1900 hectares of land. If you are an animal or nature lover then this would be like a paradise for you. You can expect to see gibbon, langur, loris, wild pigs, leopards and elephants. The name of the sanctuary in inspired by Gibbon which happens to be the only ape found in the country. It was declared a sanctuary in 1997. The place has the primates of various species is found here; this is a unique thing about this sanctuary.

2. Kakochang Waterfalls

This waterfall is located at a distance of around 15 kilometres from the city and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The major reason why people visit this place is because of the view you get from this place. Imagine, you are on top of a waterfall and all you can see are green plantations all around you. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful sight to behold? This waterfall has this kind of experience to offer to you.

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3. Majuli Island

The third place which you just cannot afford to miss out on is Majuli Island which happens to be a UNESCO world heritage site. It is located at a distance of about 25 kilometres from Jorhat. Due to floods and soil erosion, the place has lost a lot of land which has reduced its size to a large extent. However, this place still has a lot to offer to you. If you visit this place and speak with the locals here, the hospitality they would show to you would definitely win your heart. If you are coming to this make sure you visit Geramur Satra where you can have a look at the ancient weapons. The place is always filled with migratory birds so if you like bird watching then this is the perfect place for you.

4. Gymkhana Club

If you are into Golf then this is the best place you can think of visiting. It is one of the oldest golf club in the world and is located at a distance of about 5 kilometres from Jorhat. When this place was established it was done with the objective of looking over the work of the tea workers. For more than 50 years, no Indians were allowed to enter the club. The club has always been a venue for conducting horse races. It is the oldest golf club in Asia and is regarded as a world heritage site.

5. Bangalpukhari

The 5th place that I would like to talk about is the water tank located in the south of Jorhat. This tank has a lot of history involved. Rupsingh Bangal had built this water tank with the money he received for his bravery for killing Badam Barphukan (who was the governor of Ahom) who used to torture people. The natives do not use the tank as they believe that this tank was built with the money received due to a murder and would bring them bad luck.

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6. Tocklai Tea Research Centre

As I said before that when you visit Jorhat you would be coming across a lot of tea gardens. Visiting all of them might not be possible, but you shouldn’t miss out on this research centre. This centre is one of the world’s largest research stations which aims at enhancing tea’s nutritional value. There are many departments in this centre like botany, soil, engineering, tea tasting and economics. This place has made many scientific breakthroughs and helped the world gain astounding knowledge about tea productions.

7. Thengal Bhavan

The last place that I would like to talk about is Thengal Bhavan. Raibahadur Shiva Prasad Barooah had built this Bhavan in the 1800s and later built a printing press which printed the first daily newspaper in the country. The newspaper printed in the press here were printed in local language which helped him to gather more audience.

As I said right at the beginning that Jorhat is not just about commercial centres. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Assam and it shouldn’t be missed out on. If you like historical places then Jorhat is one of the best places you can think of visiting. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave for Jorhat right now!

Featured Photo of ‘Light & Darkness’ by Diganta Talukdar under CC BY 2.0



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