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Are you thinking of taking a break from your monotonous daily life? But not sure where to go? Well, with popular hill stations already overcrowded in summer, how about a trip to the woods? Gearing up for a jungle tour seems to be the right choice. A trip to the woods, living in wooden cottages amidst the dense forest ground, with the sound of a river flowing nearby, waking up to the chirping of birds, is every nature lover’s dream vacation. This perfect fusion of Forest-River-Wildlife is provided by none other than Jayanti, also known as the “Queen of Dooars”.

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Featured Photo by debarshi.bhaumik

Jayanti is a small woodland village located in Alipurduar district of West Bengal. Considered still lesser explored tourists site, the river Jayanti flows across this village and serves as a natural border against the Bhutan hills. The widely stretched Jayanti river with naturally lined white pebbles at its banks and picturesque landscape are a view to look for.


Places To visit Near Jayanti


1. Buxa Tiger Reserve

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Featured Photo by Balakrishnan Valappil

You may be tempted to spend all of your time just strolling around the shimmering river bank, watching the captivating view of river Jayanti making its way kissing the foothills of Bhutan Mountains and do nothing else, but Jayanti offers a lot of enjoyable outings for its visitors. The Wildlife Safari is the most popular one. Being located within the famous Buxa tiger reserve, deer, elephant herds, peacocks can be spotted with ease beside many other animals and bird variants. Buxa Tiger reserve expands over 760 -square Kilometer, inside the Buxa national park, is a hub of 450 species of trees, such as sal, shimul, chikrasi, 150 species of orchids,284 species of birds and animals such as antelope, bears, gaur, clouded leopard etc. Many endangered species such as Asian elephant, leopard cat, regal pythons are also found in the reserve.

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Not to forget, the very sight of the main attraction, the famous Bengal tiger, amidst the dense forestland, at the time of your jeep safari is bound to give you goosebumps.
Trekking from Buxaduar to Jayanti, which passes through the dense forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve can be done along the 13 km stretch.

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2. Buxa fort

Located at an altitude of 863 meters in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, it was earlier used by the Bhutan king to protect the silk route of Tibet to India. After the British took over the fort, as a part of the Treaty of Sinchula from the Cooch king, the fort was changed into a stone structure from its bamboo structure. It was used as a prison for revolutionaries and was deemed an infamous place just like the cellular jail. Many famous freedom fighters and communist intellects were imprisoned here. A visit to this place reminds us of the hardships our countrymen went through to make us a free nation.


3. Mahakal cave

Mahakal cave is located in the dense forest of Jayanti and one has to trek from Jayanti to reach there. Dedicated to Lord Shiva it is a famous site for a pilgrimage and draws a number of tourists because of its stalactite structure.


4. Pokhari

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Pokhari hill is 4 km from Jayanti. The trekking journey from Jayanti to Pokhari is an amazing experience. One feels closer to mother nature while passing through the woods, hearing the birds chirping and ultimately reach to the pokhri or pond, which is surrounded by tall trees. The water of the pond is considered sacred among Bhutanese and the local people. Even feet are not allowed to be submerged in the water. The pond attracts many tourists as it has lots of Magur and Turtle-fish.


How to reach 

Jayanti is easily accessible via Alipurduar, it’s nearest railway station which is just 30 km away from it. If you are seeking travel by air, it is also possible via Bagdogra airport of Siliguri, which is 195 km from Jayanti. Quite a number of accommodations are available in Jayanti. Cottage, resorts with deluxe or standard rooms, home-stays as well as government guest houses offering the ethereal view of the river Jayanti are obtainable which may not be lavish but definitely clean, comfortable, in sync with the environment and provides great local Bengali cuisine.

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Featured Photo by kg.abhi

Jayanti, The Luxuriant Woodlands Of West Bengal

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