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Jatayu Rock or Jatayu Para is the main attraction of Jatayu Nature Park at Chadayamangalam of Kollam District in Kerala. Chadayamangalam is also known as Jatayu Mangalam. Jatayu is the bird in epic ‘Ramayana’ that tried to save Seetha from Ravana when she was abducted. But Ravana defeated Jatayu by cutting down its wings. It is believed that Jatayu landed on this rock and was alive till Rama came looking for Seetha. Jatayu explains the story of the abduction of Seetha. There is a pond here which never dries even in peak summer season. It is believed that this rock has the footprint of Lord Rama. This place is one of the famous pilgrimage centers for Hindus because of this rock with Lord Rama’s footprints.

Jatayu Nature Park

This park is spread around 65 acres of land. This is one of the best of its kind in Kerala. This park is made with the help of public and private fund. This park is located in the same place where Jatayu Rock is placed.

The Jatayu Sculpture

This park contains world’s largest bird sculpture which is the main attraction here. The Jatayu sculpture is around 200 feet long, 150 feet broad and 70 feet in tall. This sculpture is set on a 15000 sq ft platform at 1000 feet altitude on top of a hill. The sculpture is made by Rajiv Anchal who is a renowned movie director and art director in the country. It took him 7 years to built this huge marvel and place it on the same rock where Jatayu fell.

This park is being made after a detailed study of Kerala tourism. Here are some more of the attractions in the park which the tourists can experience and enjoy:

Cable car

cable car photoPhoto by Stradablog

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This is going to be the first cable car in South India. Tourists can enjoy the 1000 feet aerial view of the park, which will be the most amazing experience to savor.

Cave resorts with Ayurvedic experience

ayurveda photoPhoto by EladeManu

We always wonder how our ancestors used to stay in caves as we have never experienced it. But here in this park, you can enjoy the cave resorts with all modern facilities and an Ayurvedic diet. It will be the best of both worlds. It will be a unique experience for all those who visit the park.

Adventure sports

rock climbing photoPhoto by johnlepikhin

For the first time in Kerala, tourists can enjoy 20 exciting adventure sports such as rifle shooting, archery, paintball and laser tag at Jatayu Nature Park.  For the tourists interested in rock climbing, trekking and bouldering, they have facilities for those too. This will prove to be a one of a kind experience for all types of tourists, especially the adventurous ones.

Helicopter taxis

Just imagine if you get a chance to see the entire park of 65 acres in a helicopter! The Helicopter ride here gives you a bird’s eye view of the park just as Jatayu had seen it. This will be another epic experience for the tourists.


There is a walkway of 1.5 km in the forest which will take you to the Jatayu Sculpture. This rocky path is made like steps so that tourists can easily walk up to the sculpture.

Other Attractions

There are many attractions in the Jatayu Nature Park where tourists can enjoy their vacations. Kids will enjoy the 6D theater and digital museum inside the park. Tourists can enjoy the glimpses from Ramayana and also some amazing digital images of the Jatayu Rock. There’s a telescope set up on top of the Jatayu Rock from where tourists can catch the breathtaking glimpse of the surroundings. For those who want to explore Kollam further, there’s beach, options for backwater cruise and Thenmala that are popular tourist locations nearby.

The Jatayu Nature Park – Reminiscent Of An Epic

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