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Here is me wishing all you people a very happy Janamashtami. While we all celebrate Lord Krishna birthday today , would you all want to know some really interesting facts about this pious Hindu deity?

I am sure your answer would be yes! So stay tuned with me as I introduce you to our little Nathkat Nandalal, Lord Krishna!

JanamashtamiPhoto by Biswajit Das Kunst

Bal Gopal : The Naughty Little Krishna

Yes we call him bal-Gopal, and I feel Lord Krishna is also one of the most cutest Hindu gods. Since childhood I have grown up hearing a number of stories related to Lord Krishna. Can you guess what was the name of such stories ? KRISHNA LEELA. Well i was really lucky to have my Granny who used spend hours narrating us the naughty yet mighty stories of Lord Krishna. Call him Bal Gopal , Natkhat Nandlal or Makhan Chor each and every name has a beautiful story associated with it . And each story will surely take you back to those naughty days of your childhood.

He was surely a really spoilt kid, but this makhaan chor was the apple of almost everyone’s eye. Yes trust me despite of his naughtiness everyone loved him a lot, in fact what I know is that people use to provoke him to do naughtiness as they just loved to see him do all the naughtiness every time.

JanamashtamiPhoto by goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)

Dahi Handi (The Stealing Of Curd)

Lord Krishna loved Makhan and he used to actually steal it along with his friends. The stealing of curd is one of the most mischievous acts of Bal Gopal. No wonder he is also known as Makhan Chor.

Dahi Handi is ritual we can say that celebrates God’s most playful and mischievous side. Across the country thousands of people enjoy this very ritual a lot. Thousands of people flock on the streets on Janmashtami and enact  to the “Dahi Handi “, which is the stealing of  curd episode from Lord Krishna’s childhood. The most interesting part of this enactment is the large earthen pots which is filled with loads of white butter and placed on great heights. Volunteers actually form pyramids and try to break the pots.

JanamashtamiPhoto by VinothChandar

Lord Krishna An inspiration of people today

Krishna is one among the most talked, worshiped and written about lords. In short we can say he is one of the favourite gods. It is believed that Lord Krishna always preached about how ones life should be dedicated towards the welfare of mankind. He also preached about helping others, live a life which has harmony, always spread immense love and happiness and stand by each other in both the times be it sad or happy. Each and every chapter of lord Krishna’s life is an inspiration for the people today.

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JanamashtamiPhoto by Abee5

Janamashtami Celebrations Across India

Lord Krishna birthday Aka Janamashtami is celebrated all over India. Devotees of Krishna celebrate this festival with great pomp and show. If you happen to visit Mathura Lord Krishna birthplace and Vrindavan then you would observe the unmatched zeal and grandeur. People perform rasleelas or religious and recreate the incidents from the chapters of the life of Krishna. There is song and dance all around and a mark of this festive occasion.

As we know Lord Krishna took birth exactly at midnight. Hence people worship the statue of little Krishna. He is given bath and then placed in a beautifully decorated cradle and rocked at this time. People blow
conch shells and even ring bells to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. This celebration is one of the most beautiful celebrations I have seen, I feel it has something for each and everyone in the family.

JanamashtamiPhoto by Balaji Photography – 3,000,000 Views and Growing

Interesting things about Lord Krishna

Krishna was a dude of his time, yes trust me! Well I have enough to reasons to call him dude of course. So When I say interesting things , don’t worry I am not going to talk about that Radha-Krishna love story today. But some facts about Lord Krishna that you probably didn’t know. So here we go .

1. Krishna Has 108 Names

OMG! Isn’t that way too many? Yes but it’s true that Lord Krishna has some 108 different names. I already named few before, how many do you know. Ok some of the post popular ones are, Shyam, Ghanshyam, Gopal, Govind, Baanke Bihari, Girdhari, Devakinandan, Hari, Mohan and many more.

2. Lord Krishna Has 16108 Wives

This is like one shocking information isn’t it? Well I just couldn’t stop laughing, these days having note than one itself is a headache for men how did Lord Krishna managed 16108? Well there is a story associated with this huge number it is believed that once Lord Krishna rescued around 16100 women who were in captivity of Narakasura, who was a demon. He had to marry all these ladies all to actually protect their honour as their respective families refused to accept them back. Well to balance the count completely let me introduce the other 8 wives of Krishna who were collectively referred to “Ashtabharya”, Krishna, Rukmini, Lakshmana, Satyabhama, Bhadra, Jambavati, Mitravinda, Kalindi and Nagnajiti.

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JanamashtamiFeatured Photo by Abee5

3. Nope He Was Not Blue In Colour
Lord Krishna was not blue in colour has he is shown in most of the pictures. But the trust is that he had a dark complexion. The real truth behind this blue colour and its connection with Lord Krishna is that Krishna has blue hues in his compelling and comprehensive aura as considered by the spiritualist.

4. Krishna Was Related To The Pandavas

Yes this is one truth that Lord Krishna was actually related to the Pandavas. According to beliefs the mother of Pandavas, Kunti was actually the sister of Vasudev’s and Vasudev was krishna’s father.

JanamashtamiPhoto by Abee5

5. Krishna-Radha Love Story With A Legal Twist

Krishna always reminds me one of the most flirty dialogues my friends used to use “Oh Krishna Kare Toh Leela Aur Hum Kare Toh Character Dheela” isn’t that a funny one. We all know about the popular affair of Radha and Lord Krishna. Their love story is absolutely eternal. But their love story in the modern India, was also recognised as premarital sex. 2010 March, the Supreme Court argued that since according to Indian mythology Krishna-Radha lived together, so they declared that premarital sex actually cannot be considered as an offence. Well I feel this move was surely a very good one, at least it gives the people a learning that certain things aren’t as dirty as they think it is. And when the same is associated with God , many big mouths really shut down.

The festival of Janamashtami is one of the most popular festivals in India especially for the Hindu community. People celebrate this auspicious day with a lot of enthusiasm. In fact now this festival is also celebrate across different countries across the globe.

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Krishna Janamashtami : The Birthday Of Lord Krishna

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