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Jaitak Fort-  A Beautiful Place With Historical Importance
The Jaitak fort in Himachal Pradesh is truly a noteworthy place to visit owing to its location as well as the history behind its construction. Located in the Simour district and about 15 kilometers from Nahan, and an altitude of 1479 meters above the sea level, this fort was built by Ranjor Thapa, a Gurkha Leader, and his followers, in the year 1810.

There were so many battles fought against the British during the company rule. This fort was built in this specific location to get a beforehand view of English soldiers or spies trying to invade the fort. It is said that the fort of Nahan was ransacked and stones and its ruins were carried to this hilltop to construct the Jaitak Fort. Overlooking the beautiful views of the forestry valley and mountains, Jaitak fort may now be a place for soothing the eyes or enjoy the beauties of nature but once a very important and blood shedding battle was fought among the Gurkhas and British soldiers and the joint army of Sirmour in this very location. That Nepali army was led by Kaji Amar Singh Thapa. The battle began on 26th December 1814 and ended about 6 months later on 15th May 1815. The Nepali army fought with all their might and defeated the English soldiers. Approximately 600 souls were lost in this bloodbath. 

Presently this fort is under the ownership of Kanwar Ajay Bahadur Singh and is also maintained by them. Being built at the highest location in Nahan, on the hilltop, the semi-circular balcony presents a grand view of the entire place and worthy of a few clicks from the camera. This place has pleasant weather throughout the year and thus may be visited in any season. 

How to reach – This place is accessible from Nahan by motorable up to Jamta by a car or cab. You may trek easy from there on about 3 kilometers amidst the beautiful forestry trails and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful surroundings with the chirping of birds. Trekking is quite easy in this location. 

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There are no restaurants or food joints or anything near Jaitak fort. Thus it is essential to carry water and other requirements while visiting the place. One may find ample accommodation in Nahan. 

Nahan may be reached from major cities easily via roadways and makes it a perfect weekend destination for people of Delhi and surrounding areas. Chandigarh airport is quite close to Nahan and Solan railway station is one of the nearest stations to it.

Featured “Photo of Hassan Valley” by DARSHAN SIMHA under CC By 2.0

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