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The history of the country can make you thrilled when you visit the place where the emperors used to stay and protected their lands. This Jaigad fort is a good destination for them who want to feel the thrill of the historical background of the country to know about it deeply. This for t is located in Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra. The ganpatipule to jaigad fort distance is only 14 kilometres, and Jagiad port is also located beside the fort. This rich location of the fort has made it more popular to the tourists.

Historical background of Jaigad fort

The fort is rich for its background as it was established by Bijapur Sultanate in the historical age of 14th century. Jayba Mahar who was the legend of the Sultanate sacrificed his life to save the humankind. Later in his memory, the fort was named Jaigad.

The fort went under different rulers of the country in the past decades. It was handed over to the Shivaji Maharaj and Sadhu Maharaj. It was also under the control of the Peshwas. Then it was handed over to the Angre. British emperors ruled over the fort from the year of 1818.

Jaigad fort photoPhoto by ramnath bhat

Architecture of the fort

The fort is located above 200 feet from the sea level. The fort was developed by the rulers in an amazing way to protect their land from the outside force. Two wells were constructed in the eastern part of the fort, and these are 70 feet deep as well. The third well is 100 feet deep, and you can see it on the right side of the fort after entering into it. The total area of the fort is 13 acres. There are temples of lord Ganesh and Hanumanji in this fort. The jaigad Fort images can make you understand its beauty in an elaborate way. The passionate historic photographers enjoy the jaigad fort images to know the place in a better way. These jaigad fort images can help you to get an idea about the place previously as well.

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The beauty of the jaigad Fort lighthouse is also very impressive at this fort. You can watch the beauty of the Arabian Sea and the ships that are sailing on the sea from this jaigad fort lighthouse for hours. The peaceful scene from Jaigad fort light house can make your trip more soothing and comfortable.

How to reach

You can reach at the jaigad fort by road comfortably. You can take a bus from Ratnagiri and enjoy the trip to the fort. The ganpatipule to jaigad fort distance can be covered by taxi or auto as well.

If you are travelling by train, then you need to leave at Ratnagiri station and travel by road from there. The distance from the station is 48 kilometers. You can also travel to Chiplun station by train which is 62.54 kilometre away from the fort. The nearest airport is also Ratnagiri airport which is 43 kilometres away from your destination.

Jaigad fort photoPhoto by Parm3613

Nearest attractions

When you are planning a trip to the Jaigad fort, you should also cover some nearest attractions like karhateshwar temple, vyaghrambary mandir, hedvi ganesh mandir, uma mahesh mandir, laxmi narayan temple, shree velneshwar temple, and more religious places. You can explore the place, and their culture and ritual believe by visiting these places located around Ratnagiri.

The fort is not only popular for historical value, but the impressive location of the fort also attracts the tourists every year. The fort can be enjoyed by the tourists between Novembers to February. The fort remains open from 8 A.M to 7 P.M. The visitors take 1 to 2 hours to complete visiting the place. The fort can be a good destination for them who want to spend some quality times away from their hectic schedule. The comfortable accommodation in Ratnagiri can make your trip secure. The hotels in the area are well facilitated and comfortable to stay as well with enjoying the delicious authentic local foods.

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Featured Photo by ramnath bhat

Jaigad Fort : Sneak Peak Into The History And Culture

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