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Itachuna Rajbari is a lavish tourist place to visit and explore the traditional Royal lifestyle. This is a perfect place for a weekend destination as a peaceful holiday far away from the city life. Itachuna is a well known picnic spot as well. The Rajbari is perfectly placed within the greenery and having a few water bodies as well. One can get a peaceful mind here having a traditional bengali royal flavour in it and also a lot of fun with music. The melody of flute will create an absolute peace of mind. Experienced flute player will come here to soothe your ears. It creates an unforgettable cherishing memory of music which perfectly matches the environment here.

Itachhuna Rajbari is located in West Bengal, Hooghly district and promoted as the “Heritage Home stay”. This place is one of the fastest growing weekend destination within the state. Mostly the city people from Kolkata are coming here either for a picnic or for a stay far away from the stressful life of the city and roam around to enjoy the greenery.

This place is about 2 hours drive from Kolkata through the Durgapur highway a very nice scenic journey. Once you reach here you will experience and feel the history never left it behind with time. One can cover so many nearby places within one or two days of staying in this Rajbari which will give a prime time over a blend of local heritages as well as an eternal touch of the nature, Itachhuna is no less than a weekend destination in a resort or a nature camp!

Going back some years

  • In Barackpore, a subdivision of West Bengal beside the one and only Ganges river Itachuna is situated. A few renown factories are also located in Itachuna which makes it similarly popular around. Most of the people here in Itachuna are Bengalis however there are other regional people are also present in here like Behari’s or Marwari’s. This town is well connected via road and rail with all the parts of Bengal.
  • ‘Bargee Danga’ is the other name of Itachuna as the historical Bargee’s the Maratha’s then, had also spent quite a long time here.
  • There was a time when Bargee’s started attacking Bengal and Orissa repeatedly and looting everything from here following the downfall of the last king of Bengal: Aurangzeb, they had a post created here in Itachuna for storing all of their collection though later it was shifted to Mednapore for some reason.
  • Slowly after losing their power and control over Bengal and Orissa they started settling down in both the states and gradually had also started their new trades for survival, because of the huge wealth collected by that time. One of the ancestor of them known to be the creator of this Rajbari in the early eighties.
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Time keep changing and over the years the change in government policies made it difficult to keep this huge Rajbari intact and maintained properly, the ancestors also had lost their wealth and glory in the perspective of time. Hence, they decided to have this Rajbari commercialized not only as a mean for earning money but also to maintain its lost glory and heritage, this helped the nearby villages also to grow along with it in respect to wealth. The history actually goes back to 300 years from now during the famous Bargee attack and this is the prime reason this place is lately being recognised by government as one of the heritage places of Bengal having both history and nature attached, and Itachuna Rajbari has become the royal attraction of it.

The Heritage Home Stay of Rajbarirajbari photo

Photo by Amartya Bag

  • The Itachuna Rajbari is the perfect example of the historical Panch Mahala Rajbari where five mahals are present all in one place and each having its significance and traditional touch within, all these mahals were used for a specific purpose during that time which proves the legacy as well as elegancy of the Raj family.
  • There are other rooms also present which are again different from these mahals however not being commercialized.
  • The view from the terrace or the roof top of the Rajbari will astonish anyone who has never experienced a royal bengal rajbari before.
  • There is a giant hall room for dancing or entertainment for the Raj family where the hand drawn fans on the ceiling will surely give you surprise.
  • There is a place in the balcony where family God had been placed way long back for offering pujas in their way, which is known as the Family God of this Bargee parivar where occasionally outsiders are invited to participate and offer Pujas.
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The visitors will get to see the rooms those are being offered commercially for staying are full of antique furniture like eighteen centuries fans or wooden tables, somewhere very old pictures of the royal family members hanging on the walls and the list goes on. Not only these, the early British era of Bengal will also be seen everywhere within the Rajbari, which will be giving you goosebumps almost. The royal house having antique furniture with an  elegant historical touch has made this place as a unique weekend destination for the travellers. The backside of the Rajbari is having a huge space of greenery and a well maintained pond at the center of it which used to be the time pass for the royal ladies of the family during that time. This is also an ideal place for movie shooting too!
This Itachuna Rajbari can never be compared with a resort or a five star hotel as you never get both the historical heritage and the panoramic natural beauty together for just a weekend destination. This is well within the distance for a weekend destination and suits the budget too, apart from these the calmness of this place will work as a medication for all your stress and in return provide you a perfect peaceful mind. This is an ideal place for family outing as well as meditation if one is practicing the same, within the lap of the nature you will get a plenty of natural ingredients which will nurture your soul and purify your spirit.

Featured Photo by Sudharsan.Narayanan

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The Heritage Home Stay Of Rajbari-Itachuna Rajbari

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