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Pushkar is one of the most ancient city located in Ajmer district of Rajasthan in India. In the recent time, Pushkar has become one of the most famous tourist attraction not only in India but people from all over the world visit this place. Pushkar has spiritual importance and along with its spiritual importance, various entertainments and adventurous activities and festivals are also celebrated here.

Yes, you read that correct. The Balloon safari offers unique and stunning Balloon experience over the mesmerising Pushkar city with highly skilled international pilots. This annual and world class Hot Air Balloon Festival is exceptionally unique all due to its innovative positioning within the Camel Fair at Pushkar city. The festival hence successfully and creatively merges colourful culture, rural and urban heritage, thrilling adventures and vibrant lifestyle of Rajasthan which peacefully resides in the realms of Thar desert.

hot air balloon photoEvery year the festival invites around a dozen or more hot air balloons mainly from America, some parts of Asia and Europe and spreads the beautiful colours of Balloon in the sky of Pushkar. During night, the Hot air balloons are lighted up, this process is also known as Night Glow Concert to make the entire place glittery, shinny and it actually looks like a steal from the fairy tale. Travelling in the Balloons at almost 1200 feet above is definitely once a lifetime moment. If you happen to travel specifically during sunrise, you will witness the most  stunning sunrise of your life that will be engraved in your memories forever.

The entire process of Balloon safari is exciting and thrilling. It takes around 3 hours starting from the balloon being inflated to taking off to travelling over the beautiful Pushkar city to getting down. The view of all those magnificent landscapes, Pushkar town, high temples, holy lake, surrounding villages and people and children dressed beautifully in colourful Rajasthani attires is simply captivating.

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This Balloon festival is surely going to give you some serious adventure goals but wait, during adventures, I am sure you don’t want to miss the cultural taste of Pushkar. Experience the cultural side of this place while you are here. You can also enjoy the authentic and delicious Rajasthani food, colourful folk dance and traditional music while sitting and relaxing at the tents where you will treated like royals. Don’t forget to catch and store maximum glimpses of these things as this beautiful moments will surely leave you in awe of the beautiful culture of Rajasthan.

hot air balloon festival photoOne can also visit the stunning Pushkar Lake and the beautiful and sacred Brahma Temple along with Pap mochini temple, Savitri temple and Man Mahal. The complete view of beautiful Pushkar city from the top of Brahma temple is jaw-dropping.


The festival takes place mostly during November and it coincides with the very popular and lively Camel Festival in Pushkar.

How to Reach:

By Air: Sanganer Airport is the nearest airport to reach Pushkar. It is located in Jaipur and around 146 km away from Pushkar. The airport is well connected to all the major places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Udaipur, etc.

By Train: Ajmer is the nearest railway station to reach to Pushakr at approximately 11 km from Pushkar.

By Road: Pushkar is well connected to all the major cities by road and national highway of Rajasthan as well as India. Rajasthan state buses RSRTC runs frequently from Delhi to Rajasthan.

Hot Air Balloon festival during Pushkar fair is definitely once in a life span experience. It is the most exciting way to visit and see Pushkar while travelling quietly over holy lake, holy places, temples and the vast camp on the dunes.

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Photo by bjoern

Photo by dee & tula monstah

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