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Udaipur is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in India. It is often called as the “City of Lakes” or “Venice of the East” because of the middle position of the Lake Pichola. The place is blessed with multiple fortress bounded by shining lakes, the mighty Aravalli hills, centuries old temples, astonishing palaces and many other things with an absolute fairy-tale setting. Udaipur is often described as India’s most romantic city and it is also known as “Kashmir of Rajasthan”. Out of the several options to visit in Udaipur, the temples in Udaipur, the palaces and the unique and vibrant culture would always take you in.

The Udaipur district sits at an elevation of around 2000 ft above the sea level and this elevation gives Udaipur some unique geographical features. The northern part of the city has elevated plateaus, while the southern part showcases hills, forest lands and rocky territory.

Some of the Interesting facts of Udaipur :

Discovery of Udaipur – Maharaja Udai Singh II of Sisodia dynasty founded the Udaipur city in 15th century. The capital city of Mewar kingdom was then shifted to Udaipur from Chittorgarh during 16th century. The story of the city states as, when Maharana Udai Singh II was on the way to hunting near lake Pichola, he came across a Sage. This sage then advised king to construct the palace on the same place and gave him blessings. He also assured king that it will be a safe location for him and his dynasty.

Meaning behind the name – One of the lesser known fact about Udaipur is the meaning of its name which literally means, “Udai” means Rise or Growth and ‘pur’ means Land. The city is located in the part of Rajasthan on the slopes of the Aravalli Hills and lives up to its name.

Best Solar Observatory in Asia – The USO – Udaipur Solar Observatory is considered as the most excellent Solar Observatory of Asia. Set on the elevation and other the favourable weather conditions of the place makes it a perfect place to look and wonder at the stars, sky and other celestial bodies. It is situated on an island of Fateh Sagar Lake and since the air turbulence is comparatively low in water than the land, and the favourable sky conditions makes it lot easier to study the movement of Sun.

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The tower has large number of high-quality telescopes, which help tourists and visitors to experience the cosmic world and a spectacular outing with the stars.

Second Largest Artificial Lake in Asia – Jaisamand Lake is the second largest man-made or artificial lake in Asia, situated at around 48 km from Udaipur City. King of Mewar Dynasty, Maharana Jai Singh built this  lake which is around 14 km in length, 102 feet deep and with 48 km shore length.

World’s Second Longest Wall –  Kumbhalgarh fort is one of the most popular and one of the biggest forts in Rajasthan. The massive Kumbhalgarh Fort situated at a distance of approximately 82 km from Udaipur has the World’s Second Longest Wall after the Great Wall of China being first. The Wall of the Fort is extended to 36 km and was built to defend the fort from invaders. It is said that there have been numerous attacks on the fort but wall protected the fort and remained untouched.

Another interesting fact of the Udaipur is that the fort is believed to be the place of birth of the most prominent ruler of the Mewar dynasty, viz. Maharana Pratap.

The architecture of the fort is magnificent and there are 7 fortified gates and more than 300 temples in the fort. The site is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site during 2013. The fort gets lit up in every evening which a beautiful experience is to see.

Land of Copper and Zinc Mines – Rajasthan is one of the most important destination for Zinc and Copper mining and it is said that from the medieval period, Udaipur was a chief mining site.

Tree House of Udaipur – A businessman named K.P. Singh built a tree house on a 65-years old Mango tree with the help of a small artisan from Surat  without doing any harm to the tree. The story says that, Mr. Singh wanted to build a Tree House since long and he proposed same thing to some experienced people but no one agreed that time. Later, a small artist agreed to him and built this Epic tree House without cutting down even a single branch of the Tree and it later got featured into the Limca Book of World Records.

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udaipur photoCenturies-old Temples –  Nagda temple which is situated around 22 km far from the central city is dedicated to the Hindu lord Vishnu. Though the temple is in partial ruins now, its beauty still mesmerizes its visitors with the stunning architecture and intricate work.  The temple is also known as the ‘Sahastra Bahu’ Temple or ‘Sas-Bahu’ temple. Historical evidences say, Sahastra Bahu states that lord Vishnu with a 1000 arms’ whereas, as per local stories Sas-Bahu literally means ‘mother-in-law’ and ‘daughter-in-law’, which means one side of the temple was built according to mother-in-law while other side was built as per the daughter-in-law.

The 400 Years old Palace – The construction of city palace of Udaipur was initiated in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh II. Several other palaces were built inside the City Palace area by different kings.

lakes in udaipur photo

World’s Most Romantic Hotel – Lake Palace or Jag Nivas is chosen as the world’s most romantic hotel. It is situated in the Lake Pichola and was a summer palace of Sisodia rulers the 17th century. It is a beautiful white marble construction overlooking a enormous stretch of water. The place is a unique structure and is adorned with beautiful scenery and lush green gardens. The breathtakingly gorgeous island palace offers visitors very rare opportunity of a first-hand experience of the grand and royal lifestyle. This Heritage hotel is now handled by Taj group. Before some years, it was even featured in a James Bond movie.

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Interesting Facts About Udaipur

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