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Indulge In The Hornbill Festival And Interact With The Tribe

The Switzerland of the East’s cultural festival is much unique as its scenic views of mountains and hills. Its lush green vegetation and vibrant cultures are what pre-dominates its charms. The land of festivals will give you captivating experience upon your visit. The festival of festivals celebrated in this land is the Hornbill Festival. To have a brief idea of this festival, keep reading on.

Introducing the Hornbill festival 2020, In a Nutshell

The Hornbill festival 2020 is the festival of tribes in Nagaland. Being one of the most gala festivals, it is referred to as the festival of festivals here. Tribes conduct this festival for the purpose of exchanging their individual cultures and share a bond of connection with one another. December’s opening week witnesses the Hornbill Festival 2020 dates every year. The tribes get engage in a wide range of traditional music, dance, as well as beauty pageant.

The historical Face of the festival

The Switzerland of the East also happens to home to multiple tribes of this region. The tribes engage themselves in multiple agricultural activities, given that almost all tribes are agricultural worshippers. The fact that they associate almost all festivals with nature is enough to give a fair idea of how they depend on the natural environment for agriculture and nature. Many tribes also have festivals of their own and they associate the festival with worshipping agriculture. This is what makes the festivals all the more sacred.

2000 was the year that witnessed the advent of this festival. It was then organized by the Nagaland Government. The focus of introducing the festival was on promoting the tribal interactions. It was aimed at giving tribes a wonderful platform for sharing and promoting the cultures under one umbrella. The name was inspired from the Indian Hornbill. According to surveys, this bird was witnessed in almost all tribal folklores in forms of music, art, and dance.

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It celebration happens as similar to as a fair. People from various place come and visit Kohima and interacts among one another.  Multiple tribes perform cultural dance and music to showcase their talents. They also perform many games and get interacted with them one another. With the games, tourists also get a chance to perform and interact with the tribes.

There are many stalls that set up during the festival. The artisans come to the forefront and exhibit their talents in such a manner. A visit to this festival will give you a wonderful opportunity of experience authenticity. The festival even allows Nagaland tribes to enjoy and indulge in the celebration. With such a move of showcasing local talents and exhibit tribal cultural potentials, it also impacts on the state’s economy.

The Cultural Importance of This Festival

Kohima is the place where the festival usually occurs every year during December. It gets conducted in the first week of December, usually from 1st to 10th. The inter-tribal festival revives forgotten traditions of Nagaland. Taking element from tribes, the festival brings in a wonderful amalgamation of cultural art, dance, and music. Different elements from different tribes are what the festival takes. Nagaland’s authentic and real culture can only be portrayed once you visit the festival. You get the feeling of it after the live experience of this festival.

Tribes that are included in this festival are Kacharis, Chakhesang, Angamis, Kukis, Aos, Konyaks, Lothas, changes, and more. The tribes come with their individual types of festivals. The festival also aims to diversify agriculture in a number of ways. Before your visit, please get to know about Hornbill festival tickets.

The Hornbill festival tickets aren’t too much expensive! Besides indulging in the beautiful festival of festivals, you can also pamper your taste buds with awesome foods. There are a number of things to do in the place. So, if you want to visit here, make sure you reach before the scheduled Hornbill Festival 2020 dates.

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Featured Photo of ‘Nagaland’ by Dibesh Thakuri under CC BY 2.0

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