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India talks a lot when it comes to food. Some of the dishes are legendary not only in the country but across the globe. Today I am going to talk about one such dish which we proudly call the “Parathas”. But again these are not the ordinary parathas mind you because this time it is going to be “Hindustan Ka Sabse Bada Paratha” – India’s Largest Paratha. Why don’t you grab a cup of Adrak Wali Chai (Tea) while we discuss this scrumptious paratha?

India’s Largest Paratha Weights ONE KILOGRAM

Well don’t get me wrong as I am not going to talk about those scrumptious parathas that our mom’s usually make at home. This paratha definitely isn’t one of those rolled by the generation of our grandmoms, mothers and aunties but an amazing paratha that weights around 1 kilogram. I am sure you don’t believe me but its right ONE KILGRAM. Guess that is the secret that makes it India’s Largest Paratha.
Well while I unpack this surprise for you slowly why don’t you have a look at the making of this legendary Paratha? Here you go:-

India’s Largest Paratha: Bigger Than A Large Size Pizza

Yes you will be surprised to hear, but this paratha in reality is bigger than a large size pizza. To be specific a normal party size pizza is around 16 inches and our paratha is 18 inches. Sounds crazy, but here are the specifications of this legendary paratha. Take a quick look

• Weight – 1 Kilogram
• Size – 18 Inches
• Diameter- 1 Feet 6 Inches

Tapasya Paratha Bhandar, Delhi

Well now since you know the Daddy Paratha, let’s know who makes them. This is a Delhi-based Dhaba which rolls out India’s largest stuffed range of parathas. Well the Indian subcontinent’s love for parathas is something which can just never end and the Tapasya Paratha Bhandar is making it quite sure that they work hard towards making this special bond even more stronger with their range of Daddy Parathas.

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Take The Paratha Challenge @ Tapasya Paratha Bhandar, Delhi

The menu of the Tapasya Paratha Bhandar’s is extremely exciting. They have a huge range of stuffed variety of parathas, like matar pyaaz, aloo gobhi pyaaz, mix veg, palak paneer mix. They have one more special variety which is the Hindustan Special Paratha, well the stuffing is made up of a special dry fruit mix. I am sure you must be drooling, isn’t it?

Now let me get to Tapasya Paratha Junction surprising challenge. What if I tell you this Dhaba challenges its customers to finish 3 Daddy full-sized parathas in 60 minutes or less. Guess what is the prize? If you succeed in completing this drolling challenge, then you could win an sum of rupees 5100. Well cast price isn’t the end they also offer a lifetime free supply of food! Now that’s inspiring isn’t it? Dare to eat 3 Kgs of Parathas?

Tapasya Paratha Bhandar: How To Get there?

Well if you can dare and are ready to take up this challenge, then head over to the Tapasya Paratha Bhandar in Delhi. This Dhaba is located on the Delhi Bypass, Bus Stand Road, Rajiv Chowk, Rohtak.

Well I know it’s a hard thing to believe. But I am sure you will believe your eyes. Why don’t you find out for yourself? Go straight to the Tapasya Paratha Bhandar and try India’s Largest Paratha right now.

Featured Photo by Almas Baig

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