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India’s First Robot Themed Restaurant – 7 Things To Know

It is said that by the year 2050 robots would be capable to do everything which a normal human being can. It is no secret to the world that technology has revolutionized the world. Since 2008 when the first iPhone was launched the technological world has taken a huge leap. Artificial intelligence is slowly getting better every day and with the launch of assistants like Siri and Google assistant the dream towards robots are turning into a reality. But it seems like we don’t need to wait until 2050 for these restaurants. A restaurant in Chennai called “Robot” has already taken a big leap and here the food you order is served by none other than robots. In this article, I would be telling you 7 things you need to know about India’s first robot-themed restaurant.

7 Things You Need To Know About India’s First Robot Themed Restaurant

robot restaurant photo
Photo of “Robot Restaurant!!” by lawtonjm under CC BY-ND 2.0

1. Is it one of its kind?

It is the first of its kind in India. Japan was the first country to introduce robots as waiters in one of their restaurants. We all know that today different fusions of food are being created like Indo-Chinese, Mexican-Chinese and robot waiters were just a matter of time. The good thing is that this restaurant chain is looking to expand very soon in India; so, you just need to wait for a little before it arrives in your city.

2. Has it stopped providing service?

A few weeks before a rumour was going around in the country that the restaurant has stopped providing its services. It is true that services were stopped but it was for a very brief time. Actually, when the news broke out that it was India’s first robot restaurant everyone wanted to try this place. The crowd rushed to this place to check out this cool restaurant but due to the big crowd pressure; the authorities were not able to manage the crowd as a result of which they had to shut it down for a while. The rumours regarding the robots malfunctioning are totally false; so don’t fall prey to it.

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3. What can robots do?

The robots are not like terminators or Rajnikanth’s Chitti so don’t get your expectations way too high. The robots are capable enough of greeting you when you sit at the table, take the order pass onto the kitchens and deliver it on the same table. The reason why the restaurant owners decided to go ahead with this idea is that they feel that restaurants are no longer about just serving good food. The ambience, the staff and the overall experience is as important as the food.

4. The food?

According to the reviews the restaurant serves amazing food. Noodles, Brownie, Momos, Fried rice, Fried rice chicken, Mayonnaise chicken and fish chilli are very popular among the masses who visit this restaurant. In order to manage the crowd, the restaurant has introduced the system of pre-booking so that you don’t have to wait in line to get into the restaurant. Price for two would be anywhere between Rs. 1000 – 1500.

5. Additional information

The robot waiter trend had started 3 years back in Japan. Not only robot waiters; robot chefs have also been introduced; the project is sponsored by the Japanese government to understand which are the areas where automation is possible. As soon as a few videos of the restaurant were posted people got really excited and started crowding near the restaurant to get into it. Due to this, the restaurant has made the pre-booking compulsory to get a table here.

6. Where is it located?

You can find this restaurant in Chennai. The address is 208/3, OMR, next to St. Joseph’s College, Semmanchari. The owners of this restaurant are Karthik Kannan and Venkatesh Rajendran. This restaurant was called “Momo” before; the robots were introduced by the owners to draw more attraction. It has worked out really for them and the restaurant is really doing great. It has a lot of buzz in the social media and being one of its kind it doesn’t have any immediate competition as of now.

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7. Cost of the robots

It is said that each robot has cost approximately Rs. 5 lakhs. The restaurant currently has 7 robots which are designed in white and blue. It currently has 3 branches, 2 of them are in Chennai located in OMR and Porur. While the third branch is located in Coimbatore. The owners say that they are looking forward to opening more branches in the country.

The food industry is going through a major change. Like I mentioned in the article, nowadays the ambience and the overall experience is as important as the food. The days are long gone when a restaurant could survive just on the basis of serving great food. The competition in this industry has increased like anything and in order to survive such innovations have become necessary. So, these are the 7 things which you need to know about India’s first robot restaurant.

Featured Photo of “21 04 2014” by Eddy Milfort under CC BY-SA 2.0

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