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India is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries of the continent Asia. The vast natural beauty of this mighty sub-continent attracts tourists and visitors from all corners of the world. The vacationers from the entire globe love to spend their holidays in the mesmerizing scenic locales of the country. This is the only country where one can experience the copious natural beauty of Mother Nature in the form of wildlife parks, sanctuaries, forests, oceans, and deserts. The for people who are ardent enthusiasts of wildlife and who love the nature’s beauty in the rawest form, for them, India offers and exciting range of wild life-based tourist spots, in the form of wild life sanctuaries and wildlife parks. The Indian Wildlife Safari has its own beauty.

About the experience of the Indian Wildlife Safari

Indian wildlife safariPhoto by shahin olakara

The tourists visit India to experience the exotic Indian Wildlife Safari and tour expeditions in different nature parks. There are sanctuaries, reserve forests, bird sanctuaries which give them the taste of the diverse fauna of this mystical land. It is needless to say that Mother Nature has showered bounty of natural species as blessings in the country’s ever green forests. Almost all states in India comprise of at least one natural park or sanctuaries for the preservation of wildlife built. The wildlife preservation parks and the bird sanctuaries showcase the eternal beauty of the creation of nature, rich in flora and fauna. From the corners of Rajasthan to the edge of the Assam, one can witness the bounty of nature. The wildlife safari in India will give the tourist the best green exploring experience of their lifetime. Once an individual successfully inhales the diverse natural beauty of the country, he or she is bound to come back to this country again, to perceive the same thing with a different set of eyes.

Some of the popular sanctuaries and national wildlife parks of the Indian Wildlife Safari

In all of the sanctuaries of India, you, as a tourist, will surely come in close contact with the wild creatures. Parks like Sariska, Kanha, Ranthambore, Pench, Panna, Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga and the mighty Sunderbans are some of the well-known natural reserves of the country which have attracted the wildlife enthusiast all over the world since the very inception of their existence. The Gir National Park situated in Gujarat is the native home of the native wild lions. There you will be able to find the wild activities of the roaring lions. The Bandipur, Kaziranga, Nagarhole, Dudhwa, Eravikulam, Manas, etc. are also some of the popular homes of the wild life where their species are protected. The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary was formerly called Keoladeo Ghana National Park. By the very name, you will understand that this park is solely dedicated if housing the different species of birds, even the migratory ones. The Indian Wildlife Safari will provide the tourists with the lifetime experience which they can never forget. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is also the most famous preserved habitat for the birds.

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India is also the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers which are predominantly seen in the Sunderbans. The mangrove forest is stretched through Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and China. The Royal Bengal Tigers fall in the list of the largest living creatures of the family of Felidae. The Asiatic Lions are found in the Gir Forest of Gujarat. The Indian Cobra is also a native of the Indian sub-continent. It is also found in the Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The Indian wild elephants are found to inhabit the deciduous and evergreen grasslands of the deciduous forests. Assam is the home of the One Horned Rhinoceros, found at the banks of Brahmaputra, the only ‘male’ river of the Indian sub-continent.

The Indian Wildlife Safari provides a superb platform with lots of unending range of sights of the wildlife expanse off the beauty of the jungle enriched with fauna and fauna.

Photo by

The details of the safari tours in India to help you plan for your next Indian Wildlife Safari holiday:

    • The Elephant and Tiger Safari of the Jim Corbett National Park are carried out at the verdant jungles where one can experience the groups of giant elephants and majestic tigers. The tiger safari is conducted in a jeep which is a popular adventurous expedition. One can also experience the elephant rides in the Corbett National Park to the remote areas of the jungle. You will be elated to see the bubbly activities of the animals residing in there. The elephants of the national parks are decorated and made up with intricate decorations. At the back of the riding elephant, a comfortable mat is placed for your convenience throughout the safari tour on its back. The Jim Corbett National Park is also famous as the natural residence of the Tigers. It is frequently visited by the safari enthusiast for the famous tiger safari.
    • The Rickshaw safari in the Bandhavgarh Bird Sanctuary also falls at the top position in the to-do list of the safari enthusiast of India. The Bandhavgarh Bird Sanctuary is considered to be a world Heritage site because it harbors for more than three hundred different kinds of species of the birds. One can also boat in the lakes of the sanctuary.
    • The tiger safari at the Ranthambore National Park is another popular tourist attraction falling in the list of the safari destinations of India. This park is the home of the densely populated race of the Tigers, and during the safari in your jeep, you will be able to closely experience the majestic tigers.

    These wildlife destinations will successfully make you fall in love with the safari experience of India. Planning for your safari trip ion India is not any hectic work. The well-versed guides of the jungles are mostly trained under the Government of India’s Forest Department. The training comprises of the detailed knowledge regarding how to effectively choose the right places where one can get the efficient view of the wild creatures. The safari packages can be booked by visiting the popular website of the Government and also the other commercial websites, where all your basic requirements will be taken care of.

Featured Photo by shahin olakara

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