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Indian Dance Forms

India is a country of dance and song. Its traditions and cultures are interwined with music, festivities and dance. Indian Dance Forms are a combination of the traditional intermingled with folk and the classical forms of dance.

While dance in India originated in temples of kings, it has been passed on through generations. Classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam have been revived and given greater impetus. The Indian Government recognises 11 forms of classical dance while folk dances are popular within the sub-regions across states such as at the Ramlila in Uttar Pradesh.

Featured Photo by ramnath bhat

The History And The Significance Of Tribal Culture In India

The History And the Significance Of Tribal Culture In India

The Tribal concentration is found in the forests as well as the highlands of India. According to the census of the year 1971, nearly 39 million heads belonging to the different tribal groups…

The Interesting Fact Of Manasa Puja Festival In Bengal

The Interesting Fact Of Manasa Puja Festival In Bengal

Many people being born and brought up in Kolkata and other part of India, are not much aware of Manasa Puja, however on the other hand it is the most sought after puja in…

Hemis Festival Of Ladakh, An Unbelievable And Exceptional Fair

Hemis Festival Of Ladakh, An Unbelievable And Exceptional Fair

India’s absolute enormity in diversity makes it home to uncountable numbers of vibrant and colourful festivals. While some of these festivals make it to the calendar as national holidays some remain hidden and…

10 Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

10 Traditional Dance Forms of Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal is known to be the Dev Bhoomi as supposes they are local deity which is looking above its visitors at each and every village of the Himachal Pradesh. Also, there are…

Rhythm Of Rajasthan

Rhythm of Rajasthan

Rajasthan has numerous dance forms which are attractive, skillful and enjoyable by any age group. Amongst different dances, Kalbelia and Ghoomar have gained international recognition thus attracting a large number of tourists. Rajasthani folk…

Popular Traditional Dances Of Gujarat

Popular Traditional Dances of Gujarat

Well-known as “Land of Festivals”, the state of Gujarat celebrates a large number of festivals every year. The celebrations are complemented with music performances and traditional dances based on their rich traditions and culture.…

Best Things To Know About The Karnataka Music And Dance

Best Things To Know About The Karnataka Music And Dance

Karnataka music and dance are comprised with the extensive range of classical and also folk styles. The Karnataka music and dance are not only meant for performance and entertainment alone but it is…

Famous Folk Dance Forms From The “Land Of Festivals” Gujarat

Famous Folk Dance Forms From The “Land Of Festivals” Gujarat

The beautiful state of Gujarat is also immensely popular as the “Land of festivals”. This is because of the fact that this state celebrates a huge collection of festivals and each and every…

Dance Forms Of Maharashtra

Dance forms of Maharashtra

Dance is the best medium through which you can express yourself.  Enriched with beautiful culture and traditions, each festive occasion in Maharashtra is accompanied by song, music and dance. Following are the various…

India’s Most Popular Traditional Folk Dances

India’s Most Popular Traditional Folk Dances

India the Land with diverse cultures treasures a rich variety of traditional folk and tribal dance forms. We have some extremely popular Indian Classical Dance forms which are highly respected not only in…

Odissi Dance: Incredible Indian Classical Dance

Odissi dance: Incredible Indian Classical Dance

The state of Orissa has a great cultural history. The Odissi dance of Orissa is one of the six classical dance forms of India. It is a highly inspired, sensuous, passionate and blissful…

Eclectic Range Of Dances In Andhra Pradesh

Eclectic Range of Dances in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is always well celebrated for its rich culture and tradition. The marvel state has offered an extensive variety of performing great arts, comprising dance, meaningful drama and mind blowing music for…

Jingle Into The Customary Maharashtrian Lavani

Jingle into the Customary Maharashtrian Lavani

Lavani dance form is the blend of both dances as well as the song which was originated from the Maharastra state. These dance performance can also be seen in the nearby regions like…

Ghoomar: The Traditional Folk Dance Of Rajasthan

Ghoomar: The Traditional Folk Dance Of Rajasthan

From the state of Rajasthan, here I bring you their traditional folk dance which is popularly known as Ghoomar. This is an absolutely unique form of dance which is performed by the women.…

Garba: Folk Dance Of Gujarat

Garba: Folk dance of Gujarat

Garba, also spelled as garaba, is a dance form originated in the state of Gujarat. This type of Indian dance is mainly performed on all the special occasions in the state especially during…

Top 5 Tribal Dances Of Eastern India

Top 5 Tribal Dances of Eastern India

Tribal Dances of Eastern India The tribal dances of Eastern India are closely connected to the soil. The very much indigenous performing arts are strictly performed by the aboriginals popularly known as ‘Adivasis’. These…

Chhau – Dance Of The Shadow

Chhau - Dance of the Shadow

Chhau Dance - Dance of the Shadow The swift and smooth movements of the dancers, unrestrained by the elaborate costume or the heavy face mask define the dance form ‘Purulia Chhau’. This is…

Folk Dances Of Uttar Pradesh

Folk Dances of Uttar Pradesh

Folk dances of Uttar Pradesh In Uttar Pradesh, dance is an integral part of their life. One may see the enthusiasm of people in the performances around these Indian Dance forms. Dance originated…

Sattriya – An Assamese Dance Form

Sattriya - An Assamese Dance Form

Sattriya - An Assamese Dance Form This classical dance form of Assam is unfortunately at the verge of extinction. This dance was recognised by Sangeet Natak Academy as a classical Indian Dance Form…



Andhra Pradesh prides to be the originator of Kuchipudi. This has its origin from the village of “Kuchelapuram”. Kuchipudi is ritualistic in its performance with incense sticks being lighted along with a song…

Manipuri Dance

Manipuri Dance

Manipur is an Eastern State in India. Folk dances and rituals linked to Lord Krishna have led to the evolution of Manipuri. Manipuri Dance quite often depicts scenes from the life of Lord…

Kathak, “The Story Teller”

Kathak, "The Story Teller"

Kathak, "The Story Teller" I will let you all in a secret at the very onset.  My knowledge of dance forms is limited to only Bollywood dances and songs, extended generously to just…

BharataNatyam – Expressing Music, Rhythm And Dance

BharataNatyam - Expressing Music, Rhythm and Dance

BharataNatyam - Expressing Music, Rhythm and Dance Bharatnatyam is considered to be a 2000 year dance form. This form of dance is particularly popular in several South Indian states such as Tamil Nadu…

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