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Indian Culture

Indian culture has been influenced by marauding invaders, colonies and princely states in the past to define a character of its own. A culture so rich isn’t found anywhere in the world.

Indian culture is an amalgamation of several cultures within this culture shaped and beautified by millenniums of history.

India has given Yoga to the world and redefined the cuisines across continents. Its dance forms, attire all form a definition of what India is – a Vivid India.

India is a land of many languages and yet it is singular in nature. From Bengali in the East to Tamil in the South to Marathi in the West and Punjabi in the North and several other in between, India would be easily the richest country in terms of languages.

A land which invented zero, is a birth place of several religions and a place where everyone lives in harmony and in a secular fashion.

Define by Sari and Sindoor, Indian is not just a country of bollywood but a place where harmony resides in its varied dance forms. Be it the Bhangra or the complete different Odissi dance form, a traveller can relish a kind of its own where ever he goes. And if you like the modern, Shiamak Davar’s dance classes could provide some flavour.

Indian Weddings – The Extravaganza

Indian Weddings – The Extravaganza

Indian wedding other called to be the “Vivaah means superior dedication “ is the ancient custom that represents majesty, ritual, colors then decorative celebrations connected through the sacred occasion.In India wedding is celebrated as the ritual where a strong and secure union between two souls combining into one. Marriage not only denotes the foundation of…

bodoland - pixabay

Indian culture has an incredible history in the world. Indians have adapted several traditions and cultures of various other countries all through invasions. India is the best illustration for unity in diversity.

indian Dance Pix

India is a country of dance and song. Its traditions and cultures are interwined with music, festivities and dance. Indian Dance Forms are a combination of the traditional intermingled with folk and the classical forms of dance

panipuri - pixabay

From curry and raita to samosa and lassi to my favourite kashmiri pulao and chicken butter masala, Indian cuisine is in a league of its own.

Holi Pix

India remains in a festive mood throughout the year because of the innumerous festivals it celebrates. Popular festivals include Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi,  Shivratri, Ugadi, Ratha-Yatra, Raksha Bandhan, Dussera, Id-ul-Fitr.

Featured Content

The History And The Significance Of Tribal Culture In India

The History And the Significance Of Tribal Culture In India

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What It Means To Be A Rajput Lady In Rajasthan

What it means to be a Rajput Lady in Rajasthan

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Eating Well In The Himalayas

Eating well in the Himalayas

There isn’t a defined Indian cuisine. Every region (based on how you define it) has its own flavours and textures. The fish cooked in the South is completely different from the fish cooked…

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5 Indian Summer Drinks That Make Summers In India Truly Special

Summer season is here, and this again takes me back to my childhood days. Our Indian mums and their love can be seen best in the food they make. And this time it’s…

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8 Delicious Indian Kebabs That Every Meat-Lover Must Try

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7 Unusual Punjabi Dishes From Amritsar

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