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Our country India is totally spectacular when it comes to natural beauty. Yes Mother Nature has blessed each and every bit of our country with immense beauty. What is the best way to witness India’s spectacular natural beauty? Without a doubt it is to see the glorious sunrise and sunset. I feel sunrise and sunset is one of the most enchanting ways to witness natural beauty, well to me it still gives goose bumps. There’s something magical about a sunrise or a sunset, isn’t it? So keeping this magical thought in mind, let’s explore India’s 8 Most Glorious Sunrise And Sunset Points.

Glorious Sunrise And Sunset Points In India

India has end number of places where you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of the sun while rising or setting. Here is my try to list the top 8 beautiful spots. Here you go.

Umiam Lake sun photoPhoto by Hrishi the experimentor

1. Umiam Lake – Meghalaya

The Umiam Lake is located at the far most land of Meghalaya. Yes the Umiam Lake is considered to be one of the best points offering the most spectacular sunset views in India. People say that the sunset at the Umiam Lake is one of the most beautiful sunsets one would ever see on the planet.

Puri Beach sun photoPhoto by asim chaudhuri(

2. Puri Beach – Orissa

This is one of my favourite spots. On visiting Puri, I always make sure to sit by the beach and see the sun rising and setting. Surrounded by beautiful Palm trees this gorgeous beach is one of the top places in India offering mesmerising view of the sun rising. To experience you got to reach the beach at 5 am, trust me your morning will turn magical. The best part is you get can grab a cup of coffee/tea from the local vendors and sit quietly listening the sound of waves. Totally awesome isn’t it?

Kanyakumari sun photoPhoto by evoo73

3. Kanyakumari – Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari is located at the tip of the south India; this place is extremely popular for its sunset point. In fact it is a must visit for each and every traveller. It is highly recommended that every enthusiast traveller should try to experience both the sunrise and sunset. This would surely be an unforgettable experience. In India the Sunset point at Kanyakumari is probably one of the top visited sunset points.

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Varkala sun photoPhoto by Silver Blu3

4. Varkala – Kerala

Placed in gods own country, Varkala is one of the most popular beach destinations in the south India. It has beautiful beaches offering some of the most outstanding views of the beautiful setting sun. Make sure you experience the perfect scene of the sun setting down along with taking a sidewalk at the cliff. A sip of hot tea would make the moment even more momentous.

Taj Mahal sun photoPhoto by vishal.jalan

5. Taj Mahal – Agra

Taj Mahal, the name itself is so magical isn’t it? How about witnessing the magical beauty of the Taj during the sunset, yes nothing can beat it. The Taj looks totally out of the world when the sun sets it way down. The milky white Taj looks like a beautiful frame, glowing with the light of the sun. trust me this is one of the most romantic scenes you would have ever seen .

Agumbe photoPhoto by magiceye

6. Agumbe – Karnataka

Located in Karnataka, Agumbe is one of the most popular sunset points in India. In fact the sunset here is so amazing that people from across the world ensure to visit this place at least once. Tourist can experience beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset from a point located in Agumbe. The sunrise and sunset point in Agumbe is located on one of the highest peaks on the Western Ghats. One can view excellent views over the Arabian Sea, and also the panoramic views of the neighbouring region of the Western Ghats.

Palolem Beach photoPhoto by KlausNahr

7. Palolem Beach – Goa

Beaches are no doubt a perfect point to see the sun rising and setting isn’t it? Well the Palolem Beach is abother popular location which offers soectacular surise and sunset views. Located at the  Canacona of Goa, this one point is totally amazing with end number of palm trees around adding more to the exotic beauty of this place. The surrounding area of the Palolem village, along with the beautiful beach has wooden huts, palm trees, all together this place becomes one of the best places a perfect sunset view.

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Nandi Hills photoPhoto by Zigg-E

8. Nandi Hills – Karnataka

Nandi Hills is located near Bangalore, but one needs to reach this point as early as possible. The reason is not because you might miss the beauty of the sun, but because the sun may actually start making you feel its presence after 8 am. The mist is the real beauty of this place and once the sun begins to make its way out from the clouds all the mists actually begin to evaporate. Nandi Hills offers a wide and spectacular view of the beautiful landscape.

Seeing the sunrise and the sunset is one of the calmest moments of anyone’s life. Sunset is about leaving behind all what happened and at the same time the sunrise gives a ray of hope. You too do experience the magic of these beautiful sunrise & sunset views. There is something surely magical about the rising & setting sun each day. But the most surprising part is that this very beauty doesn’t last and is different and unique each time.

Featured Photo by S. Bhaskara Rao India

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India’s 8 Most Glorious Sunrise And Sunset Points

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