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I am a Shopaholic and for me the beauty and attractiveness of a particular destination would be dull if there is no scope for shopping. Yes my holidays can never be complete without a good session of shopping. Well who doesn’t like shopping? Well I do know many who fall into that sad category. This is for all those non frequent shoppers, the information that I am about to share with you today is totally worth and it will surely drive you crazy. India as we know is full of diversity when it comes to culture, religion and languages. This diversity can also be seen in the markets; yes various cities across India have some of the most iconic markets attracting millions of buyers in a year. Let’s explore 10 Of India’s Most Remarkable Street Markets Which Will Drive You Crazy.

10 Remarkable Street Markets In India

The crowded surroundings or the humid weather trust me nothing can stop you from buying at these street markets. No one can ever want to miss an opportunity to shop in these 10 remarkable street markets of India. Stay tuned and get ready to shop till you flop.

new market Kolkata photoPhoto by paulhami

1. New Market – Kolkata

Being from Bengal, I am being a bit biased about starting this list. Yes New Market from Kolkata is one top for me. New market as it is popularly known today was earlier known as the Sir Stuard Hogg Market. This one market is a one stop place for all your requirements. This is one of the best places in Kolkata to go shopping for some of the most beautiful Silver jewellery and Bengali saree. Well don’t worry new market is just not about these two, but anything and everything you can actually think off. Well one thing you need to stop worrying about is the pressure on your pocket. Don’t worry this is one of those places which will surely not burn a lot from your pocket, as the market offers all you need within your budget. But remember to brush up your bargaining skills before attacking.

Commercial Street Bangalore photoPhoto by Silver Blu3

2. Commercial Street – Bangalore

Commercial Street is for those who just don’t get tired shopping. Yes there is something in the air of this market that makes you feel totally fresh once again. The ‘Commercial Street’ in Bangalore is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city and also a popular hangout point. This place offers something for each and every one to take home. If you are looking for some of the most latest collection when it comes to fashion, then Commercial Street is the place to be. Yes you can find all your favourite brands right here and the best part is that all would be within your budget. One more thing to add here is the food, yes if you feel hungry while shopping don’t worry as some of the most world class food joints are right here for you.

Sarojini Nagar photoPhoto by harpreet thinking

3. Sarojini – Delhi

If you are looking to find the best street market in India, then Sarojini would be one in the list and make sure you just don’t miss this one. Delhians would know the real experience of shopping at Sarojini market. This market is also popularly known as the SN street market. The place offers some of the most amazing stuff and that too at unbelievable prices. As I always say, shopping on the street require some amount of skills. Remember to brush up your bargaining skills; you will be surprised of the amount you actually save while you shop here.

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Colaba Causeway photoPhoto by

4. Colaba Causeway – Mumbai

At the Colaba Causeway you would see local crowds as well as end number of tourist flocking around to find some of the best deals. Yes people come here to shop and to enjoy, the market is immensely popular for its beads, shoes, slippers, bags, purses and chains. If you plan to visit Mumbai, make sure you plan a visit to the Colaba Causeway as this is the best place for you to visit and will surely give you some of the best shopping experiences. Check out the huge collection of fashionable items that too in reasonable price range. And as I always say bargaining skills is the key to save some money.

Night Bazaar Goa photoPhoto by tvangoethem

5. Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar – Goa

Goa as we know is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Apart from being immensely popular for its mesmerising beaches, pubs, casinos and night parties there is one more thing that deserves a mention is shopping. I am talking about the Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar in Goa, one place where you can go shopping with an absolutely open heart and mind too. Apart from being crowded with the Indian crowd, many foreigners come here to shop too. You can find some of the most amazing homemade stuff, leather products and much more. There are end number of things to take back home as a memory of this beautiful town. So get ready to make full use of Saturday night in Goa.

Hazratganj Lucknow photoPhoto by Adeel Anwer

6. Hazratganj – Lucknow

Now let’s go to the city of Nawabs and of course the delicious Kebabs. Apart from the Nawabs and the Kebabs Lucknow is also world popular for its Chikan clothes. And the right place to shop for beautiful Chikan clothes is the Hazratganj market. Don’t worry the market has many more things to offer you, yes be it car-dealers, jewellery stores or antiques items, you will get everything possible thing you have been searching for. The Hazratganj markets are is an antique combination of old and new buildings, well this is one of the most unique sights to watch out for. Don’t forget to buy your Chikan suit, kurti or Pyjama Kurta. It’s worth each penny and a must have for your wardrobe.

Kochi Market photoPhoto by mckaysavage

7. Jew Town – Kochi

Jew town in Kochi is one of the best places for those who just love old antiques items. Yes if you are looking for antiques then you got to visit this place in Kochi, both sides of this market you will dins lovely handicrafts, Kolapuris, paintings and much more. Just make sure you stroll around the streets to grab enough things.

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Fashion Street Pune photoPhoto by shankar s.

8. Fashion Street – Pune

Fashion street in Pune as the name suggest is the best place to go shopping for some fashionable stuff and make over your wardrobe. Shoes, novelties, dresses, bags, jewellery this place has all that you are probably looking for. And when it comes to your budget, then it depends which brand you are picking up. And yes of course bargaining is the key to save money at the fashion street. So make sure you bargain well enough to pick up stuffs in economical rates. Well the fashion street is one of the best places in Pune, so don’t forget to visit it.

Police Bazaar Shillong photoPhoto by ashwin kumar

9. Police Bazaar – Shillong

Don’t get scared by the name, Police Bazaar isn’t about police, jails and criminals. But it is about beautiful bamboo crafts and traditional wear. One can find almost everything at the police bazar, even the latest western and party wear. Shillong is quite popular for its fashionable mountain winter trends, and Police Bazar is the best place to pick such stuffs from. Shillong is a popular tourist destination, and this bazar is one of the must visits. If you have shopping in Shillong in your list then believe me this place has everything for you and for your family.

Mall Road Darjeeling photoPhoto by Abhishek_Kumar

10. Mall Road – Darjeeling

Darjeeling as we know is also called the queen of hills, and if you plan to visit Darjeeling make sure you do plan a visit to the Mall Road. Yes Darjeeling is definitely a beautiful place, beautiful hills and awesome weather make it one of the top tourist destinations, and shopping is another feature that deserves a mention. The Mall Road of Darjeeling has over thousands of shops selling beautiful clothes both traditional Sikkimese and trendy stuff. This place will definitely tempt you up, and you will surely land up buying something that will steal your heart.

So do you still thing India is just about great tourism? If yes you have to visit these street markets, I am sure you will change your mind. Each and every market mentioned above is unique and talks something special about those particular places. Be it the shops or the shopkeepers, they portray something special about India in their own unique way. These Street markets are little pride of India and will surely make you fall in love with them. They are the ones that too add charm and liveliness to the place and also give you fond memories to take along back home.

Do let us know if you enjoyed reading this article. Visited any of the above markets before? Do share your experience with us as comments below. We would love to hear your experiences too.

Featured Photo by Silver Blu3

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10 Of India’s Most Remarkable Street Markets Which Will Drive You Crazy

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