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Have you ever imagined walking on a misty morning with fog wrapped all over? There are so many among us who just loves to hide beneath the warmth of the quilt. However, there are some who dare to pack their bags to the beautiful Hill Stations. When the topic is about getting real winter chills you have to make sure that you travel to the below-mentioned places to witness and feel a chill from close quarters. In order to quench your thirst to visit India Hill Stations, you need to ensure that you are equipped with the right type of clothing and trekking equipment to beat the chill. Many of these places also sport some exotic views that can satiate your hunger of exploration.

The top India Hill Stations to visit this year

You can visit a lot of India Hill Stations to make sure that it brings the best out of your hobby of exploring. It is also important to note that you can visit either the northern part of India or north-east part of India to get real winter chills. Winter is also a good season that speeds up your metabolism rate which further has a positive impact on your health. Hence, if you are stressed out in your daily 9 to 6 job and urgently need a break, then visit these places for an overwhelming experience.

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The lush and green forests of Chopta

If you are done traveling to the usual places to experience chill, then Chopta can be a right place. It is situated within the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary in Uttarakhand. Moreover, it is a place that usually offers spectacular views of Chaukhamba and Nanda Devi ranges. One of the highlighting aspects of Chopta lies in the fact that it has lush green meadows and fields where you can stretch your legs. Moreover, the mountain ranges form the backdrop of these meadows thereby providing you with a heavenly sight. It is situated at a distance of 408 kilometers away from Delhi.

Head to the untouched valley of Chalal for an overwhelming experience

If you begin trekking towards Kasol which also falls among India Hill Stations, you will land in the valley of Chalal. However, make sure that you hike for thirty minutes to reach this place. It is also a place that is undisturbed by modernization, and you may find this site a bit problematic if you heavily depend on your smartphone. Chalal is also a place that does not have many hotels and eateries. It retains the same old charm, and you have to carry your tents to witness the perfect grandeur of this place. If you wish to move upwards, you can set your base camp in Chalal. You can also feel real-world chills to witness the grandeur of this place. It is situated 520 kilometers away from Delhi.

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You can head to Kasauli if time is your essence

Kasauli is situated less than 6 hours from Delhi and also has an unusual calm to offer. However, make sure that you are an ardent fan of trekking as Kasauli is a place that is best suited for trekking. You can also visit the sunrise point in Kasauli before deciding to go on a trek upwards. It is located at a distance of 288 kilometers away from Delhi. Moreover, it is a place that is known as a pit stop for those who are traveling to Shimla. The sunrise point in a perfect place to experience dawn like never before. If you are newlywed, you can also visit this site for an overwhelming experience.

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Dhanaulti as an ideal place to experience winter chills

It is a 24-kilometer drive from Mussoorie and is also a picturesque hill station of Uttarakhand. If you want to experience Dhanaulti in full bloom, then winter is the best time to so. It is situated close to Delhi and if you have a tight schedule, then consider visiting this place for an overwhelming experience.

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Travel To These 4 India Hill Stations To Get Real Winter Chills

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