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India Art Fair Is One Of The Largest Contemporary South Asian Art Fair

To call India art fair the largest exhibition of modern and contemporary South Asian Art is just an understatement. This art fair is, after all, a fair platform for artists to exhibit their talents. The festival includes sculptures, paintings, mixed media, photography, drawings, video art, and more. Ever since its advent, it has been a great platform for the artists. And 2020, being its 12th year of occurrence, is sure to attract more artisans in exhibiting their potentials. ‘Why should anyone attend this fest?’ if you ask this, you are sure unfamiliar with the cultural celebrations in this fest. To know further, here’s to what you should get familiar with.

Historical Face of India art fair Delhi 2020

Its first three fests were held at the Pragati Maidan. The fourth season started watching the arrival of the festival in Okala’s NSIC grounds. With that, 2008 witnessed the largest art fest of India. The art fest also includes a wide range of exhibiting pavilions in galleries. There are solo projects by individual artists.

The fest brings an art educating series via a walking guide by students as well as curators of arts. At the same time, a speaker forum is also present with panels of international as well as national experts. The professionals discuss about the issues related to the region’s art. The main focus is to highlight the key issues pertaining to art production of India.  The fest has showcased the country’s modernists including Artists’ Group as well as artists like Anish Kapoor as well. It has also showcased the talents of contemporary artists of the country and other international artists too.

What to expect at India art fair Delhi 2020?

Besides cutting-edge art genres and intriguing artist programs, the art fest also brings other amusing aspects. One might expect a brand-new program at the IAF this year. It might also include workshops, displays, and others.

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To speak of the thing that’s all that norm in this modern-day world’s art industry, textile is going to bring some highlighting aspects in the next edition in 2020. It’s not an exaggeration to say that textiles and fabrics are known medium. However, they are often overlooked and looked down. The year 2020 will, thus, host the Auditorium Talk on this particular subject. Raaisa Kaabir and Irshad Ahmaadzai can come under the limelight and discuss how embracing these mediums would be justifiable for the future.

IAF has introduced the young collectors’ program, designed for the ones who are interested in knowing more about art, learning and collecting. The features that come with it are walkthroughs, Delhi tours in museums, studio visits, galleries, and other art spaces. It would also include some social gatherings as well as get together.

An exciting new addition to the IAF is the bookshops and cafes. It is supposed to be known as the international museum retail hub for providing visitors with exhibition catalogues, books, art supplies, and more. It will also feature some lifestyle products designed by the artists. Its learning space will also host workshop programs. The main focus will be to educate the collectors and students from South Asian contemporary as well as modern art culture. As per what’s expected, it is supposed to be conducted quickly and entertainingly.

The India art fair 2020 dates

The India art fair 2020 dates were between 30th January and 2nd February this year. So, next year, the dates have been scheduled from January and February the next year. There were both free as well as paid India art fair 2020 tickets. Nothing unlike the India art fair 2020 tickets, the next year’s tickets will also be available next year.

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Featured Photo of ‘the game-board vertical ad strategy, scott richard’ by torbakhopper under CC BY-ND 2.0

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