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Siliguri is known as one of the prettiest places a tourist can visit in North Bengal. It is a place that can appeal to the tastes of any traveler. For instance, if a traveler is an avid fan of wildlife, then they can visit the nearby Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. On the other hand, if a tourist is fond of shopping, then they can take a tour of the Hong Kong market. Moreover, Siliguri is also known as the gateway of North Bengal. It is so because for many travelers Siliguri would seem like the main commercial city of North Bengal and for some; it is a strategic placement near state and international borders. However, Siliguri is a place that is blessed with the beauty of Mother Nature. It is also the second most populous city of West Bengal and is one of the major tourist spots that is growing in its popularity considerably.

Siliguri is also the gateway to the north-eastern part of India. A trip to Siliguri is an ideal tour for a traveler who wants to witness the intermingling of culture as well as the beauty of nature. It has a lot to offer to the tourists, and one should visit this place to witness the rich diversity of culture that India possesses. As Siliguri is also known as the gateway of North East India, one can visit the nearby places to make their traveling experience more enthralling. For instance, one may easily visit Kalimpong, Gangtok, Kurseong, and Mirik. Each of these places has their beauty and diversity, and all these places are readily available from Siliguri.

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How to reach Siliguri to have an enthralling travel experience?

 Siliguri is well served by the Bagdogra Airport that is located near the city. If a foreign traveler wants to go to Siliguri, then they can take flights from any major cities to the Kolkata Airport. A lot of flights are available from Kolkata Airport to the Bagdogra Airport. On the other hand, Bagdogra Airport is also well served by many international and national flights and connects it to cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangkok, and Paro.

If someone wants to take a trip to Siliguri through a train, then they can take the help of Indian Railways. Moreover, it is served by three major railway stations namely Siliguri Junction, Siliguri Town and New Jalpaiguri. Besides that Siliguri is well connected to almost all the major railway stations. Moreover, there are regular trains from Kolkata to Siliguri, and one can also avail several premium quality trains if the need arises so.

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Siliguri can be easily accessed from all major cities through road. There are regular bus services from the town of Kolkata. The North Bengal Transport Corporation also operates a large number of buses which can be easily reserved from web portals.

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Places of interest in and near Siliguri

Here is the list of top places of concern in Siliguri that can rejuvenate the senses of any traveler

Salugara Monastery: If a tourist is on tour to Siliguri, then they have to visit this incredible monastery. It was also known as one of the most revered places in the whole of Siliguri. It is just located 6 kilometers away from the city and is also known as a Buddhist Shrine. This monastery is also a delight to the eyes of a tourist who is an avid fan of ancient architecture. It is so because it has a 100 feet stupa which in turn signifies the religious sentiments of the Tibetan people.

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Siliguri: As discussed earlier, Siliguri is a unique place that has everything to offer to a wide variety of tourists. If someone is in Siliguri and still have not visited the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, then they would miss a significant part of their experience of traveling in Siliguri. This amazing wildlife sanctuary is located in Sukna which is about two and half hours’ drive from Siliguri. This wildlife sanctuary is managed by the Darjeeling Wildlife Division of the Government of West Bengal. Regular safaris are being held in this sanctuary, and if one is lucky, then they can also spot the Royal Bengal Tiger. Moreover, one can also spot other animals like the golden cats, sambar, and the barking deer.

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Savin Kingdom, Siliguri: If you are on tour to Siliguri and desperately need a dose of amusement then this Entertainment Park can serve your needs. It is also a resort, and if you are on a high budget, then you can stay in its luxurious suites. It is one of those water parks that are guaranteed to make you feel at home. It has a tradition of bringing quality to their guests. This park is situated on the Hill Cart Road near the Darjeeling More. On the other hand, a range of water games can ensure you to have a fruitful time in the middle to unwind.

Besides these places as Siliguri is also known as the gateway of North Eastern India, one can also visit the nearby places like Gangtok, Kalimpong, and Kurseong to enrich their traveling experience. These sites can guarantee the traveler of a worthwhile experience. Moreover, these types of places are off beat destinations, and as they are off beat destinations, it is quite evident that these sites would have a less number of crowds. Siliguri is one of the unique cities in West Bengal that serves as a major commercial hub as well as one of the major attractions for the tourists. As it is known a gateway of North East India, one can witness the intermingling of several rich culture and tradition. Hence Siliguri best depicts the way in which India is rich in its cultural diversity.

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Siliguri, One Perfect Gateway Of North Bengal

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