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It is a widely accepted fact that the town of Hyderabad is famous for many reasons. One of the most notable reasons among them is that it is the hub of information technology and development. Hence, if you are a firm believer of the statement, “Work hard, travel harder”, then the Hyderabad Waterfalls located close to this bustling city would help you to gather your thoughts for the challenges of the next day.

With a growing number of denizens in Hyderabad looking forward to relaxing and unwind on the weekends in Hyderabad, the Hyderabad Waterfalls is a perfect way to escape the harsh reality of the city. Hyderabad is famous for its enriching history trends and culture in food. It is also interesting to note that the place of Hyderabad is rich in language, food and heritage.

Hyderabad Waterfalls – Ones Which Can Rejuvenate One’s Mind

Hyderabad WaterfallsPhoto by Rajib Ghosh

Kuntala Falls

In the list of waterfalls in Telangana, the Kuntala Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls for drawing a large number of tourists. It is 280 kilometres away from the city of Hyderabad. Quite interestingly, it is situated in the middle of Sahyadri Mountain in Adilabad. Hence, if you are a busy professional, you can easily visit the Kuntala Falls. It is 200 feet high, and in the list of waterfalls in Telangana, it easily tops the category of one of the beautiful waterfalls. It is a commonly observed fact that people from Hyderabad usually visit the Kuntala Falls for a one day picnic. One may take transport till the Neredikonda village and then have to walk to reach this majestic Kuntala Falls.

Gayathri Falls

It is located 300 kilometres away from Hyderabad on the Kedam River. Quite interestingly, this waterfall is also known by the name of Mukti Gundam. It is also interesting to note that there are many means of transport to reach the fall. However, it is usually advised to take a local train from the village named Tarnam Khrud. The best time to visit Hyderabad Waterfalls is in February to November. You can see a lot of birds and winged guests by the side of the Hyderabad Waterfalls.

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Pochera Falls

The list of waterfalls in Telangana is endless, and one has to visit these waterfalls to witness the real beauty of the waterfalls. It is situated around 350 kilometres away from the Hyderabad. The Pochera Falls are located on the Kedam River. You are advised not to visit this waterfall during peak monsoon. However, you can always visit this Hyderabad Waterfalls in the period of a post and pre monsoon. You can take public transport till Boath and for a further commencement of your journey; you can take a private vehicle. If you have your car with you, you can enjoy the roadside sceneries.

Sahastrakund Waterfalls

This waterfall is known as one of the most magnificent waterfalls near the city of Hyderabad. If you are longing to visit the Hyderabad Waterfalls, then visiting the Sahastrakund Waterfalls may be a good option. It is situated around 290 kilometres away from the bustling city of Hyderabad. You can visit this waterfall for a rejuvenating experience throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Hyderabad Waterfalls is in the season of monsoon. You can drive to this waterfall by passing lush green roads of Nirmal and other prominent villages and towns of Telangana.

Kanakai Waterfalls

This waterfall is located around 290 kilometres away from the busy city of Hyderabad. It is located on the Kedam River and is a major tourist destination for the city dwellers of Hyderabad. You can spend your time by indulging in activities that would spark your interest in the nearby scenic beauty. The best time to visit the Hyderabad Waterfalls is in the monsoon season. You are also recommended to take a villager along with you as a guide.

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For a perfect retreat to serenity and tranquillity, visit the Hyderabad Waterfalls. These waterfalls can refresh your mind to a great extent.

Featured Photo by Rajib Ghosh

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