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Understanding the concept

It is well-known that the lithosphere of the earth is composed of many layers. The core is made of molten hot magma that heats up the upper layers via convection. Water can penetrate all the hard layers and reach the base rock. When water in the interior of the earth gets in contact with the hot rocks, it gets heated up. In this article, you will know about the popular hot springs in India.

As the geothermally heated water reaches the surface of the earth, a hot spring is created. There occur naturally in areas that are located on tectonic fault zones or in the mountainous areas, where the earth is still in motion. Some of these hot springs carry water that is moderately heated. People can take a bath in these springs. In others, the water is too hot to be tolerated. Most of the water in these hot springs has dissolved minerals. When the balance is appropriate, the waters attain healing powers but if the balance tips, the water becomes too acidic or alkaline.

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Location of the hot springs in India

Most hot springs are located in the mountainous areas. As Indians have the tendency of linking everything with religion, these hot springs are seen as holy waterholes or “kundas” which contain water with the magical powers of healing many ailments. You can find the mention of these kundas in the Indian mythologies as well. Earlier people used to think that these hot waters have been blessed by the Gods. Now, researchers have proven that it is due to the natural heat and the dissolved minerals, which heal the ailments. Here, you will get information about top hot springs in India.

  1. Hot springs in Manikaran

The tiny town of Manikarn is located in the picturesque Parvati valley. The two main rivers that drain the area are River Parvati and River Beas. The peaceful and pure environment of the valley echoes with the ringing of the holy bells and the chants from the holy Hindu shrines, which dots the entire area. Apart from the Hindu and the Sikh shrines, the area is also popular among the pilgrims and the scientists due to the presence of several hot water kundas. These waters have a high percentage of sulphur in them. Thus, the hot water has a pungent smell. But most of these kundas have moderate water temperatures and people can enjoy themselves in the water holes.

  1. Hot Springs in Kheerganga

Kheer Ganga is a tributary of the main Ganga River that drains the Kullu district. Just like Manikaran, this area is also located in the fault area in the Himalayas. It is considered to the gem of Himachal Pradesh. The area has many hot springs that are not placed far away from each other. As the rocks under the surface have sulphur and a host of other minerals.

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The most of these minerals get dissolved in the hot water and when you dip your body in these pools of hot water, you get a soothing feel. Theses hot springs are located among the forested areas that can be accessed through mud paths. The entire mountains encompassed area will give a calm and relaxing experience when you take a long dip in the pools.

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3.  Hot springs in Tattapani

When discussing hot springs in India, the list cannot be complete without the mention of the kundas situated in Tattapani. The term “tattapani” literally translates into hot water. One of the striking features of the hot waters in these kundas is that the only mineral present in them is sulphur. It is the reason why these hot springs are also termed as “pure sulphur springs.” The water in the pools is directly linked with the River Sutlej.

Thus, the level of water present in these hot springs is directly proportional to the level of water in the river. The lower rocks heat up and in-turn makes the water in these pools hot. As the hot sulphur rick waters penetrate the skin, it starts working its magic. If you are suffering from any joint pain or have a chronic bone ailment, then a dip in these wondrous pools of hot aqua is a must.

  1. Hot Springs in Rajgir

If you are planning to take a trip to the city of Rajgir in Bihar, then make it a point to pay the hot ponds a visit. No not many in number, these hot springs in India have given the state tourism something to cash into. The Tourism Department of Bihar has been advertising itself as a winter resort for locals as well as international tourists. There are certain minerals in these hot waters that have imparted them the capability of ridding the patients of any skin related ailment.

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The heat level of the water, in these ponds, is always at a moderate temperature. Thus, visitors flock to these hot pools and enjoy a generous dip. The heat penetrates the body and relaxes the muscles and dissolves any fatigue. When you come out of these pools, you feel rejuvenated, ready to take on the challenges of life with added vigor.

  1. Hot spring in West Bengal

Last but not the least, the list of hot springs in India will not be complete without mentioning the hot water pools of Bakreswar. People visit this place as it is considered a Shakti Peetha. The place not only has geothermal importance but also occupies a significant place in the Hindu mythology. As per the reports, the entire area is dotted with beautiful hot water pools. The amazing medicinal properties of these waters, for treating muscle, joint and skin ailments have made the site popular among all.

So, next time you travel to any of these places, take time out of your busy schedule and immerse yourself in the amazing natural hot water. The minerals will also work towards bringing back the rosy glow in your cheeks by flushing out the toxins.

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Top 5 Hot Springs In India With Medicinal Properties

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