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Situated in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, the Hogenakkal falls is often referred to as the “Niagara Falls” of India. This waterfall is associated with the river Kaveri and is a major tourist attraction for people visiting South-Indian wonders.

Hogenakkal Falls- The Niagara Falls of India

The presence of the world’s oldest Carbonite rocks makes Hogenakkal a Geological heritage of India, too. The waterfall derives its name form two Kannada words hoge  and kal  which mean smoke and stone, respectively. This is entirely due to its appearance as the falls look like smoking rocks.

Though the beauty of the place never fades away but the best time to visit Hogenakkal falls is after the monsoon. However, if you prefer to avoid the crowd, you may visit the place during the off seasons. Hogenakkal is one of the many waterfalls in India that remains bountiful throughout the year, irrespective of the changing climate or season.

The majestic Hogenakkal waterfall is surrounded by Melagiri Hills which intensify the beauty of the backdrop. The road to the falls is itself a treat for the eyes as it is endowed with lush Mulberry fields and bounteous vegetation. The locals believe that the river has some special powers as it etches through forests filled with herbal trees and shrubs. The beauty of Hogenakkal cannot be described with mere adjectives as the majesty and grandeur of the waterfall is incomparable and unexplainable. For lovers of scenic natural beauty, Hogenakkal can be the sole reason to visit Tamil Nadu or South India.

To begin with the entertainment around the falls, there are young boys showcasing their diving skills for a mere amount of Rs.5. One of the best and most popular experiences at the falls is boating in bamboo boats which adds thrill and adventure to your journey. However, boating is allowed only in non-monsoon seasons owing to the safety of the travellers. But it isn’t any sad news if you are visiting Hogenakkal at a similar time because there are numerous other activities to entertain you. Some of them are:

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Oil massages:

The place is great for rejuvenating yourself with luxurious oil massages followed by bath in the falls. The masseurs are experts in their field with years of experience in organic massaging. They have the right knowledge of 14 massage points of the body which makes these massages relaxing and very beneficial. These massages are known to increase your blood circulation and mental alertness, smoothen your skin, and provide optimum relaxation to your mind and body.


Hogenakkal is a good spot for people who love to trek. Tourists can enjoy treks on nearby hills. Trekking in Hogenakkal is often converted to an adventure of thrills because of the smoke coming out of the rocks and their wetness. The place is a favorite outdoor shooting spot for numerous film makers which enhances the importance of this picturesque tourist destination of India.

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The Fall itself:

The ultimate attraction of Hogenakkal Falls is its vertical drop of 20 metres. One can enjoy the view and capture scenic frames through a lens. To add to that, the thundering sound of the falls is truly breathtaking. The tall trees make the view heavenly. You may choose to embark on refreshing walks or may even hire a guide to get a better insight of the place. The place is excellent for swimming and enthralling too, as the water here is very challenging. The beauty is marvellous yet serene. The Hogenakkal Falls is also the location for integrated drinking water project initiated by Tamil Nadu Govt. You can find floating vendors selling refreshement for tourists visiting the waterfall.

How to reach? 

The Bangalore International airport is the nearest airport to the location which can be reached by means of a cab ride. Alternatively, you may choose to travel by train, Salem being the nearest railway station, or by road through Deluxe bus services from Tamil Nadu.

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Hogenakkal Falls- The Niagara Falls Of India

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