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You would be fascinated to know that the vast land of India still lies unexplored. You would be amazed to know that there are various unexplored hidden rock cut caves India. These caves lie beyond the attention of the travellers. Hence, if you are looking forward to doing something unique in this vacation, you can opt for touring rock cut caves India. Quite interestingly, you would find a lot of interesting Indian Rock cut architecture in these caves. Moreover, the rock cut caves India are also regarded as oldest caves in India.

India is home to some of the most stunning palaces, temples and forts. Quite interestingly, the palaces, temples and forts are frequently thronged by visitors. The hidden rock cut caves India lie beneath the fascination of the travellers. They are either situated in dense forests or are located in hostile terrains. However, if you are an adventure seeking tourist and wants to break free from the popular travel itinerary, you can visit the hidden rock cut caves India.

Here is the list of hidden rock cut caves India that are also popular for cave architecture in India.

The Kanheri Caves

Rock cut caves IndiaPhoto by jeferonix

The Kanheri Caves are also known as the Buddhist Temples that are most probably constructed in the 1st Century BC. These caves are located close to the suburbs of Mumbai, and they served as an ideal place to the Buddhist Monks for meditation purposes. On the other hand, these caves also served as comfortable rooms for a majority of Buddhist monks who were involved in trade activities of that time. It sports one of the most engaging cave architecture in India. These caves also served as the leading education centre for Kushan and Mauryan Empires. A giant Buddha statue stands at the entrance of cave number 3. Many historians believe that these sculptures popularized the idea of the construction of giant Buddha statues.

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The Badami Caves

Rock cut caves IndiaPhoto by Nilmoni Ghosh

These caves were formed when the Chalukya dynasty was in power. Quite interestingly, these caves were in the form of temples. All in all, four cave temples were being built. There exist three Hindu Shrines and one Jain Temple. The interiors of these temples resemble the hidden rock cut caves India. Moreover, it is also regarded as one of the oldest caves in India. The temples comprise of well-preserved murals, and they also sport elaborate sculptures that always exude rich symbolism. It is located in Karnataka, and you can travel easily to witness ancient cave architecture in India.

The Bhaja Caves

Rock cut caves IndiaPhoto by Anandajoti

According to many present day historians, the Bhaja Caves were constructed 2200 years ago. It has a group of twenty-two cave temples. These temples are dedicated to Lord Buddha. It is one of the most intriguing hidden rocks cut caves in India. It is also famous for its architecture. Many call it as one of the oldest caves in India. The most impressive cave is cave number 12 that houses the imposing portal of a horseshoe arch. This cave also contains various intricate wooden details that are almost 2,200 years old. The Bhaja Caves are also known for their grandeur in Indian Rock cut architecture.

Borra Caves

The Borra Caves are located in the Visakhapatnam district in the Indian state of Andra Pradesh. These caves are also known by the name of Borra Guhalu. It stands at an elevation of 705 meters and is interspersed with varieties of Indian Rock cut architecture. It is a popular belief that William King George discovered the caves in the year 1807. If you are an avid fan of adventure, then you can visit this famous cave architecture in India. In other words, you would be rewarded with past architectural glory and the happiness of witnessing the design of the cave.

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Visit the hidden rock cut caves India to witness the architectural delight of ancient caves.

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The Historic Rock Cut Caves India: Visit Them To Know More

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