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What is the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind when we think of Bengalis? It is that they are the race who are proud and prodigious eaters of fish. It is a widely accepted fact that Bengalis love to fish more than anything else on this planet. You would be fascinated to know that the Bengali cuisine is the only cuisine in Asia that is served course wise. It also resembles the French style of serving food. In this context, it is important to note that the Hilsa festival which is held in Kolkata every year in the monsoons is a crowd clincher. The recently concluded Ilish Utsab 2017 and the Sundarban Hilsa Festival witnessed huge footfalls as Bengalis never go out of steam while they devour their famous Ilish.

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The aspects of Bengali Cuisine and the Hilsa Festival

It is interesting to note that nearly every Bengali community eats fish or meat. Quite interestingly, it is common to find a Bengali meal that has a fish course at least once a day. The Bengali community widely loves Prawns, shrimp and crabs. The Hilsa Festival is being held every year in a monsoon to pay tribute to the ultimate culinary delight of the Bengalis that comprises of various menus related to the Hilsa Fish. Moreover, to boost the productivity as well as its popularity, the government has left no stone unturned in promoting the Hilsa Festival. You can visit this festival to witness a significant number of mouth-watering delicacies being popped up in front of you. The Ilish Utsab 2017 which was recently held in Kolkata boasted of some top recipes from renowned chefs.

Hilsa festival

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Sundarban Hilsa Festival and its popularity

If you are someone who has an ardent passion for food as well as boat safari, then the Sundarban Hilsa Festival would be your ideal choice. And if you are lucky, you would be able to spot the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger while you are devouring on your palate full of Hilsa Fish. It is a great way with the help of which the state government is promoting tourism in the area. Since, both Sunderbans and Hilsa are integral parts of the tourist industry of West Bengal; combine these two would serve the dual interests. The Hilsa Festival is one of the major highlights when you visit the Sunderbans. The mystique delta and the fragrance of mustered Hilsa are enough to soothe your soul. Moreover, the nearby greenery of the Sunderbans would also play a very crucial role in enthralling your senses.

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Hilsa festival

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A brief overview on the Ilish Utsab Kolkata

In a bid to promote tourism, the authorities have come up with the idea of Ilish Utsab Kolkata. It is a famous festival that is being held in Kolkata every year. It emphasizes serving the guests with unique recipes of Hilsa Fish. Moreover, the Hilsa Festival since ages is a perfect way for the people of Kolkata to refresh their minds out of the boredom that surrounds them. Moreover, the Ilish Utsab held in the city of Kolkata on an annual basis also comprises of various unusual events. For instance, you would find music, dance, and poetry. Hence, the Ilish Utsab can also be called as a festival that depicts the culture of Bengal.

The Ilish Utsab Kolkata is also famous among many foreign nationals who are on tour to Kolkata. They usually cherish the unique recipes of Hilsa and share it with their friends. Moreover, the Hilsa Festival and the Ilish Utsab 2017 can attract a significant amount of crowd as they boast of unique ways to present food to people. The Sundarban Hilsa Festival can also make you fall in love with Hilsa. Just make sure that you contact a reliable travel agent who would take care of all your worries.

Come to Kolkata this monsoon and experience the vivid colors of the Hilsa Festival.

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Hilsa Festival- Enjoy The Delicious Taste Of Hilsa At Kolkata

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