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Karnataka is being India’s eight largest state that grabs the attention for holding the amazing tourist destinations. Out of 3600 temples that are present in the nation, it boasts about 609 gorgeous temples exhibiting Dravidian architecture to its peak. Karnataka is not just all about their rock cut temples, however, it also delights us with the almighty virgin beaches, picturesque hill stations then coffee plantations, strange forests filled up by the sandalwood trees, also best wildlife sanctuaries, contemporary cities, and sociable people. The top hill stations in Karnataka state are the great havens for persons who are looking for loneliness. Without interruption of the commercialisation, Hill Stations that are in Karnataka is undoubtedly the much-loved destination for travellers.

The hill stations that are located in Karnataka are the Agumbe, Kudremukh, Nandi Hills, Kemmangundi, Biligirirangana hills, Mercara, and the Horanadu. Utmost of the all the mentioned hill stations the quite few mountain towns are not that much visited by travellers that have retained them primeval and open from commercialisation.

In case you are preparing for the trip to the hill stations of Karnataka that you are really going to enjoy the trekking experience of the charming mountain slopes, bird seeing, stopping at the splendid waterfalls, going for a boating on pristine rivers and going for a visit to the coffee plantations. You will find numerous resorts offering excellent accommodation amenities that are easily available on the Hill stations in Karnataka.

Tadiandamol  photoPhoto by suffering_socrates

Tadiandamol Peak

All sides surrounded by the lush tea estates then the huge Western Ghats, Tadiandamol are the uppermost peak of the Coorg that positions high at the altitude of 5724 feet beyond the sea level. The peak point as wells as its surrounds are pretty widespread at the time trekking experience.

In Karnataka, Tadiandamol Peak is the highest peak of all and is positioned towards the south-eastern portion of Coorg. Half of the part of the trekking you can cover it by means of the van and the remaining can be covered with the on-foot in which the higher part of the trek turn out to be tough. As soon as when you reach the topmost of the Tadiandamol peak it really becomes a treat to your eyes by the charming outlooks of the environments.

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Brahmagiri  photoPhoto by

Brahmagiri Hill

The attractive destination that is been sandwiched among the Wayanad district that is located in Kerala and Kodagu district situated in Karnataka. A Brahmagiri Hill view from the altitude of 1608 meters that is above from sea level, in addition, is prevalent for proposing trekking chances. Although the trek will be of moderate struggles however as soon as you touch the top, you will have mesmerizing sights of the nearby area that take account of dense green forests, in the middle of mist-clad mounts. Trek over bushy Shola forests, splendid water streams, flowery patches, and savannas while reaching the top of the hill.

This mount choice that is in the Western Ghats, Brahmagiri Hill likewise holds several choices of caves that are recognised to have all the mythical association. This destination is pretty nearby to additional widespread fascination, is the Iruppu Falls. This waterfall is 10 km away from the Brahmagiri hills. Another must visit a place is the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread over the area of about 181 sq km and got it settled in the middle of the patronising hills.

Agumbe Hill Station photoPhoto by wildxplorer

Agumbe Hill Station

This is a tiny village which is at a height of above 826 meters situated in the Shimoga district that offers the travelers the brilliant sunset view at the same time excellent trekking paths.

The perfect scenery for R.K Narayan’s the Malgudi Days, The Agumbe hill station situated in Karnataka appeals travelers for its tranquility and charming picturesque prettiness. The place is fulfilled by the flourishing valleys; charming peak territories, glittering streams also the rustic magnetism which pulls visitors to it, nearly all over the year. The hill station of is attracted by various of the tourist since it holds the temple that is built in the 14th century, devoted to the Lord Gopala Krishna, that exhibits the great Hoysala art.

Nandi Hills photoPhoto by mynameisharsha

Nandi Hills

Nandhi hills of Karnataka are located 60 km from the Bangalore city and it always remains to be the greatest weekend gateway. It hangs at a height of 1455 meters beyond the sea level, Nandi Hills offers a serene haven for various tourists, merely as it worked as the perfect summer relaxation destination for the King Tipu Sultan and also for the British. This hill station flourishes fully with natural good looks. Marching alongside the mountain pathways amongst countless picturesque spots will be a very much refreshing experience for all. The ironic mount valley, with the sharp hairpin bends together with steep slopes, tiny cottages clingy beside the mountain boundaries, the calm breeze also the pure blue sky overhead, are the full picture enough for you to design the vacation in this perfect hill station.

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The Nandi Hills provides you the historic destination also. You will find the Tipu’s Drop that is at a height of 600 feet cliff from where based on legends; prisoners will be pushed to death here. Tourists relish the sparkling water of Amrita Samovar that is always the best of main traveler charms of the Nandi Hills. In the foothills you will have the good-looking temple that is built in the Dravidian style of structural design, the temples are the Bhoga Nandishwara Temple, which is devoted to God Sri Ugra Narasimha also Sri Yoga Narasimha.

Kemmangundi  photoPhoto by Enygmatic-Halycon

Kemmangundi Hill Station


This Hill station is approx an 8-hour drive through the Bangalore city, alongside the mud-covered rocky pathways and hairpin bends, the pretty hill station of the Kemmangundi is charming for all who desires to visit them. The summer haven for the former ruler Wodeyar, the Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV it holds beautifully laid gardens, glorious mountain varieties and marvelous valleys, outstanding filmic pleasure for the sightseers.

Kemmangundi hill has the remarkable waterfalls pouring alongside towards the slopes, admirable animal existence and occasional sorts of plants. Tourists mountaineering sideways the rocky terrains adore the striking sight. The sunset scene by the Raj Bhavan would be the photographer’s perfect focus. Having the base on Tarikere that is about 35 km through Kemmangundi, explorers climb the hill slants to relish the panoramic vision of the fertile valleys underneath. You will observe a laterite cave which is supposed to be the sanctified through “Dattatreya Swami” and “Hazrath Dada Hayath Mir Kalandar”. Annual jatra plus urus will be celebrated with countless celebrations.

Featured Photo by mynameisharsha

A Cultural Wonder: Top Hill Stations In Karnataka

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