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Henry Island is an island just near Bakkhali. It is about 30 km away from Kolkata in South 24 Parganas. This Island in Bakkhali might not be so famous in West Bengal but is very popular around the country. The Henry island sea beach got its name from a British explorer who visited this Island in the 19th century. You can take some awesome Henry island images during sunset to make the trip memorable.

About Henry Island

Henry’s Island is a beautiful Island with Mangrove trees, clear water all around and deserted beaches. This beautiful golden sands filled with tiny red crabs will make you feel like red roses on golden beds. This place will uplift your joy till its brim making you an aquaphile. The white sand, blue sea and crowd-free beaches will let your soul reside in peace. State fisheries development corporation Henry island can help you to get a good experience at this place.

State Fishery Development Corporation, Henry Island

This State fisheries development corporation Henry island was set up by Development Corporation for promoting pisciculture in West Bengal.

The State fisheries development corporation Henry island takes the proper care of the fishery to provide you fresh, delicious fish dishes if you visit Henry’s Island.


Henry Island sea beach

This virgin beach near Bakkhali is a crowd less beach. Henry’s Island has two resorts that will you in night stays also. You can climb a watch tower located inside the Sundari Tourist Complex to get the 360-degree view of that Island & also get a fortunate view of the surrounding wildlife.

Henry Island sea beach becomes covered with big red crabs during low tides making this windy beach look gorgeous. This isolated beach has a natural cove made of trees at the entrance, making the beach look more elegant. The Henry Island image changes with rising of the sun. The bright yellow sun rays when touches the sand, beauty starts to glitter. The beach is clean and tidy, without any shops or hawkers moving around the beach. The Henry Island images at nights are different from the days. After the sunset, you can hear the sea roaring and the crickets chirping. The windy flawlessly blows around the beach, making the beach quite romantic & just perfect for newlyweds or valentines. You can mix yourself in rediscovered true love with this incomparable beauty.

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Accommodation is Henry Island

Near Henry’s Island’s sea beaches, you can get tax beach resorts. The one is the Mangrove Resort & the other is the Sundari Resort. You can spend your whole day at the beach with the crabs, trees and nature with no noise disturbing you. But you should avoid the beach at night due to its loneliness & remoteness. However, quietness and serenity make this place unique & attractive for the tourists.

How to visit Henry Island

Henry islandPhoto by T_Monk  


This Henry island sea beach is just 140 km from Kolkata. There are three ways by which you can reach Henry’s Island:-

Henry island

Photo by kg.abhi

By bus: You can take bus from Dharmatala and reach Bakkhali. From there ride a boat to reach the other side. From there, buses are available to take you to Henry’s Island.

By car: If you think you want to drive your vehicle then you can drive down the Diamond Harbour road to Diamond Harbour then Kakdwip & from Kakdwip take the left turn towards Henry’s Island.

By air: The nearest international airport is the airport of Kolkata. From there you can hire a car to reach Henry’s Island.

From Kolkata, it will take around 4-5 hrs to reach Henry’s Island.

To give yourself peace and comfort, to loving few moments in calmness and quietness, Henry’s Island is an adventurous gateway to go. This silent &solitary beach is an ideal place to visit with your love, family or friends. Chiroing of many colourful birds will make your heart feel happy. The playful red crab erupting out of sands and again getting in will remind you of your childhood game- hide & seek. You can get to see many sea-animals stuck in these soft, smooth sands. This lonely Henry Island image will make you forget your presence making you nostalgic.

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Featured Photo byKen Lund

Henry Island- The Undiscovered Mystique Of Maritime Bengal

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