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Uttarakhand is a famous celestial state for the nature buffs and adventuring enthusiasts. The gigantic mountains allure the tourists from all over the world. In the North West part of the Himalayas, the beautiful and attractive region Garhwal is situated. Easy to strenuous trek routes are enjoyed in the rocky region. Trekking in the Garhwal hills will definitely entice the adventurous bugs. Let us see in the article about some popular treks of Garhwal.

Roopkund Trek:

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Roopkund Trek is otherwise called Skeleton Lake or Mystery Lake a popular trek that is not only admired for its majesty, but also for the secrecy of the deceased. Roopkund Trek elevated at a height of 16,499 feet above the sea level. It lies between Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. The trekking area is covered with frozen ice most of the months.

The layers of white and brown mountains provide a great pleasure and treat to the eyes of the climber. Many numbers of corpses have been resting here. It is being said that a huge group of travelers was trapped in a heavy hailstorm. The hailstorm was caused due to the native deity got infuriated by the guests. In addition to that, the Roopkund Lake is celebrated for various religious reasons. “Nanda devi raj jaat yatra” is a holy expedition which takes place one time in 12 years.`

August and September are the most suitable months to visit and trek in Roopkund Trek in a pleasant weather. The trekkers can go for a long trekking during this season.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

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Chopta is located on Gopeshwar-Ukhimath road. It is nestled at 11,123 ft. from the sea level. Physically fit persons only are advised to climb from the sacred temple to the peak of chandrashila. Chopta Chandrashila is one of the most difficult treks to climb and the trekkers will be covered with ice caps during the trekking. This trek is considered as an excessive level of intricacy to climb on.

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The entire trekking covers with rich flora and fauna and great panoramic views. During December and January, the Garhwal Himalayas is surrounded by the excess snow. So the trekkers can trek in Chopta except for these two months. At the apex of the Chopta Chandrashila, Tungnath temple is located. It offers a beautiful vision of Trishul, Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba and Kedarnath peaks. Tungnath is the highest lord Shiva temple in the world.

Kalindi Khal Trek

The Kalindikhal Trek is called as the “Big Daddy” of all the treks in Garhwal. The trekking commences in Gangotri and ends in Badrinath via Kalindhikhal. The main stops of the trekking are Gashtoli (3600 m), Arwa Tal (3980 m), Kalindi Base (5590 m), Tapovan (4250 m), Kalindikhal (5948 m), Vasuki Tal (5300 m), Nandanvan (4500 m)

The land of the trekking adds thrilling and it is covered with pebbles, glaciers, and snow. It also wonders you with the sight of a number of mountains such as Bhagirathi, Shivling, Chandra Parvat, Satopanth, and Vasuki. Its altitude is 19,500 feet and the best season to trek Kalindi Khal Trek is June to August.

Auden Col Trek

Auden Col Trekking is the toughest trek in Garhwal which connects the Jogin and Gangotri peaks on one side and on the other side, Auden col unites two glaciers. The trek begins from Gangotri and passes through birch and forests. Then, there is a day trek at the Rudra Gaira Base Camp which affords exhilarating views of the snow-spread Himalayas. The next stop is Gangotri base camp and from this place, trekking is forwarded to the Auden’s col base camp. It stands at 17,876 feet altitude and the best time to visit Auden Col Trek is Mid May to Early October.

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“Trekking is an adventurous experience that everyone likes to do at least once in a lifetime. Wakeup; it is your time for trekking!”

Heart Pounding Treks In Garhwal – Himalayas

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