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With the opulent rice mills and cold storages, Bardhaman authentically dwells as a reputed industrial suburban metropolis of eastern India. But how much acumen do you possess regarding the Bardhaman Royal Era? Not much? Then give a read to the chronicle below.

Illustration of the enthralling Bardhaman Royal Era

When ruled the awe-inspiring Mughal emperor Jahangir over the Indian nation, Bardhaman was accredited as Baadh-E-Dewaan or the Regional Capital. The imperial regime of the locale, officially known as ‘Bardhaman Raaj”, got established at the year of 1657 by the Khatri nobleman Sangam Rai. The regal constitution reached the zenith of economic and kingly brilliance under the administration of the Mahtab majestic family. Within the ‘Maharaja-‘s or emperors of this definite clan, king Mahtab Chand and his son Bijoy Chand were the most prominent ones who ventured with their best to transform the quaint suburb into a socially significant, economically eminent and religiously glorious township. As of present days, the vestige edifices and celestial chapels, gracing the city’s symmetry, epitomize the enigmatic essence of Bardhaman Royal Era.

Bardhaman Royal Eraphoto by iavik

Structural Souvenirs Of The Imperial Period

Raaj-Bati (Regal Abode)— A real emblem of the ceremonious times, the palace of the Maharajas is a heart-filling architectural exhibit to behold. Constructed by monarch Mahtab Chand Bahadur at 1851, this glorious bastion will authentically daze your soul with the majestically designed colossal arch gate and articulately textured voluminous pillars. At the contemporary phase, the eminent Bardhaman University’s administrative work-place is housed here.

Golaap Baag (Rose Orchard)—Want to witness the site where the queens of Bardhaman Royal Era used to spend their dusk stretches? Make sure to set foot at the mind-mesmerizing Golaap Baag. Sequenced by ruler Bijoy Chand Mahtab during the phase of 1884, this a sprawling patch of beguiling rose plants, vigorous Eucalyptus, Casuarinas, Mango trees and other thriving greeneries. The celestial breeze and peerless rosy aroma accenting the spot all the time contribute in making it the most favored sightseer locale of Bardhaman.

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Sher Afgan’s Grave—In order to experience the Mughal-ian vibe of the city, make it a ground-rule to pay a visit to the burial chamber of Ali Quli Khan honored as Sher Afgan or the Afghan Tiger. Marked as the infamous conspirator collector of Bardhaman during monarch Jahangir’s governance, Ali Quli is one of the most mystical historical characters. The serene ambience encompassing his ossuary augments the enigma all the more. Close to this esteemed tomb is the mausoleum of Pir (Muslim Monk) Baharam—another tranquil spot endorsing Islam’s historic dynamics.

Door of Lord Curzon—Popularly known as Curzon Gate, this entryway is oriented at the city’s epicenter. While making journey from the rail station to town heart, this Arch-patterned ingress will assuredly appeal to your cognizance with its titanic constructional symmetry and intricate British-style carvings. Originally built for greeting Lord Curzon to the populace at 1903, this titillating façade is accredited to the endeavors of sovereign Bijoy Chand Mahtab. Nowadays, around the vicinities of the gate dwell the most preeminent shopping plazas and commercial zones of Bardhaman.

Bardhaman Royal EraPhoto by iavik

SarboMongola Bari (Haven of Goddess Durga) — To honor the ecclesiastical myth of being blessed with Mother Sati’s (An incarnation of Durga Maa) naval portion, emperor Kirti Chand Mahtab patronized the construction of the SarboMongola Bari over the detected divine area. In the concurrent time stretch, this chapel stands as the most holy spot of the town. The local residents believe that the Deity residing at the sanctum grants each and every mortal prayer. On entering the angelic ambience, take particular notice of the wall sketches and murals describing the beatific Bari’s legacy.

108 Shiva Shrines—Devotion of the Bardhaman Royal Era to God Shiva is impeccably depicted by this exquisite hallowed assembly of dainty chapels counting up to 108 in number. Each of the sanctified dome houses a ‘Lingam’ of the Lord. The structural sequence is such that every temple is straitened to another through a distinguished laterally perpendicular style. Imperial chronicles vow that the famed queen Vishnu Kumari patronized the build-up on getting a divine dream. You can try visiting Bardhaman on the sacred event of ‘Shiva Ratri’ to be a part of the week-long commemoration that gets organized per year at the chapels’ premises.

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The ecological fervor of deer park bardhaman

In addition to enhancing your mental expanse with the majestic buildings and their glory, experience the conserved quotient of fauna world at deer park bardhaman. This is an applaud able venture of the metropolis to gift inhabitants and tourists a piece of beguiling wildlife amidst the polluted urban atmosphere. Essentially, the deer park bardhaman is entitled as a nature preserve of the buoyant animal in its widest existing genres. Along with them, deer park bardhaman is also the home to diverse sorts of daunting tigers and leopards and numerous tuneful birds.

Bardhaman Royal EraPhoto by iavik

Selectability of bardhaman famous sweets

Reading till now are you thinking about where is the mention of the kiosks to relish bardhaman famous sweets? Well, be sure that no write-up about the township will be complete about the mention of the delish ‘Sitabhog’, candid ‘Mihidhana’ and tempting ‘Langcha’—all which make up the entirety of bardhaman famous sweets. The much famed shops that sell the apex quality bardhaman famous sweets include:

  • Ganesh Sweets
  • Misti Bangla
  • DeshBandhu Mistanna Bhandar

For planning a fruitful expedition around the township, interact with a wise bardhaman tour guide. Have the guarantee that your bardhaman tour guide is a historically sound individual, who will be able to enlighten you. Either search Google to get name of acknowledged bardhaman tour guide or converse with your hotel authority after arrival to the city.

Commutable from Kolkata by a car drive of 4-5 hours (102 km), Bardhaman is the befiiting domain for your holiday-time excursion trip.

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