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Hauz Khas Village is a rich neighborhood of the South Delhi. It has streets which are sort of crumbling and irreversible tangled wires overhead but these don’t really matter as HKV is one of the most happening spots in the capital. Well the historic Hauz Khas Village in Delhi may seem to be a bit messy at the edges, but you got to trust me that there’s no funkier spot in the capital perfect to shop, eat and generally enjoy the vibe be it day or night. Thinking why you should visit the Hauz Khas Village? Well here I bring you 10 reasons.

10 Reasons to Visit The Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village photoPhoto by reverses

1. Perfect Mix Of Old And New India

Yes no other place in India portrays the perfect mixes of old and new India. Hauz Khas is totally charming, the beautiful and quaint neighbourhood which is dominated by tombs, mosques and boutiques, restaurants and much more. There are several quirky stores which sell all sorts of things.

2. Walk Without Fear

Whenever we talk about Delhi, there are few things that disturb us like the increasing rate of crime, hit and run cases and traffic. But Hauz Khas Village is one of those very few places in Delhi where walking on the road us totally safe. You need not fear of getting hit or honked at.

3. Hub For The Hipsters’

Yes the Hauz Khas is also a hipster’s hub. In fact one could compare this place to Williamsburg in New York. So of you is one of those who like trendy hang-outs, artsy shops, alternative cafes and independent art galleries then this little place have a lot in store for you. There are end numbers of shops or restaurants tucked in the little nooks of Hauz Khas, don’t be surprised if you find one in the narrow flight of stairs. So if you are in Delhi do check out the trendy part of Delhi at Hauz Khas.

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4. Jamming

There is a water tank in Hauz Khas which was built between an Islamic seminary, a tomb, alternative cafes, and pavilions. This place has a medieval history associated with it which is traced to the 13th century of Delhi Sultanate reign. Well it’s not about history here, but you can actually catch groups of youngsters sitting around the arches and strumming their guitars and singing pleasing songs.

5. The Scrumptious Food

Well Delhi has a lot when it comes to food, and at Hauz Khas the experience is even better because of the ambiance. There are many rooftop restaurants which offer a stunning backdrop of the lake. Well you really don’t need to be on a real vacation to feel relaxed, head to Hauz Khas and feel like being on one. Well don’t worry the food here is quite easy on the pocket, try some of the most fabulous kathi-rolls and delicious kulfiis.

6. Picture Perfect Photos

Yes if you are looking for that one perfect DP for your social media account then you got to head to HKV. There’s something really magical about the Hauz Khas Village that turns even the most uninteresting photos to the best. So Go Click Click Click!

7. Bird Watching – Heaven For Men

Well when I say bird watching I don’t really mean birds here. But Girls, yeah Hauz Khas Village is actually a heaven for men. So all you guys there go for some NSP (Nain Sukh Prapti), well this term NSP was quite frequently used during my school life whenever the boys wanted to check out girls around them. Funny isn’t it? Well catch up with your friends and go NSP Guys.

Hauz Khas Village photoPhoto by Robin Jacob Abraham

8. Deer Park

Well it’s just not about girls here but there is a bit more, head to the deer park which is located at the entrance to the tank. Beautifully landscaped green park where you can spot deer’s, peacock, guinea pigs, and a huge variety of other beautiful birds. There can be seen on any given point in the day.

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9. Stroll Around the Lake

The experience of strolling around the lake on a beautiful summer evening gives immense pleasure isn’t it? Well spotting the ducks swimming in the lakes is an added advantage here at Hauz Khas Village.

10. Night Life

Well Delhi night-life is quite popular and Hauz Khas night life exemplifies it. At HKV there are end numbers of restaurants which have live music. This is a totally amazing place and has something for all the different types of party animals.

Well this was quite a comprehensive list of reasons to visit the Hauz Khas Village. Why don’t you head straight to HKV and explore its winding lanes, I am sure something special would be waiting for you too.

Featured Photo by miss_rogue

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