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Rajasthan’s Udaipur has a vast list of places where you can go sightseeing. If you are a nature lover you ought not to miss the largest garden in this city of lakes, the Gulab Bagh.

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Gulab Bagh spreads over an area of 100 acres. As the name suggests, the garden mainly comprises thousands of beautiful roses. Maharaja Sajjan Singh built the garden in 1881 and hence it is also called Sajjan Niwas Garden. Horticulturist T.H Story worked to beautify the garden bed with medicinal plants.

Besides roses, a lot of fruit trees can be seen in this place. Sweet scents originating from the trees of Mango, Bananas, lemon, jackfruits, wood apple etc. fill the air inside the garden. There is also a large lotus pond present in it.

Gulab Bagh is unique as it has a lot of different sections of interest built within its premises. There is a zoological garden, a library, Navlakha Mahal, oval Kamal Talai, an acupressure park, and a few government offices nestled inside the garden. The garden has 4 entry gates.

The zoological garden, although quite small, keeps a variety of animals such as zebras, black leopard, and rhinoceros. This zoo within Gulab Bagh makes the place quite interesting for children. Kids may even have the joy ride of a toy train which traverses within the zoo.

The Navlakha Mahal is a place for followers of Arya Samajh. It is said Dayanand Saraswati was a resident of the Mahal.

The Saraswati Bhawan Library is the first museum of Rajasthan which was previously known as Victoria museum. Maharana Fateh Singh established the library in 1887. Even though the museum is moved to the City Palace, this place still has an impressive collection of a lot of antiques, old manuscripts, royal everyday usage items, and books. About 28 thousand books are kept in the library including books for kids. A registered user may avail a book for 2 weeks.
A white marble statue of Queen Victoria is also kept within the library. Till independence, the statue was kept outside the museum, which has been now replaced by that of Mahatma Gandhiji.

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As Gulab Bagh is located in the center of the city, buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis are easily available. The place has a lot of restaurants and hotels. Every day, around 3000 people visit this garden.

Tickets and timings:

For the garden, the entry fee is Rs. 25 and the fee for visiting the zoo is Rs. 5.
The garden is open for 24 hours every day and the zoo may be visited every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nearby places of interests:

Pichola Lake, Pala Ganesh temple, a classic car museum are nearby attractions which you may visit.

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Featured Photo by Sharon Mollerus

Gulab Bagh, Udaipur’s Largest Garden

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