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Greatness of Indian Culture

India is a country which inhabits the greater part of the South Asian continent, thereby layering an area of 32,87,263 sq. km. Circumscribed by the great Himalayas in the northern side, it expands southwards and spills off into the Arabian Sea on the western side and the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal on the eastern side.

  • India is the seventh largest nation in the world
  • Second most populated country in the world
  • Has population of more than 1 billion
  • India proudly has 28 States and 7 Union Territories

Greatness of Indian culture lies in its incredible history. Aryans, who migrated from Mesopotamia, and certain other countries, established in India and wrote Vedas. Therefore, India is also known as Vedic land. India is a nation of numerous religions such as, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism and many more. The four chief castes of India were Brahmin, Kshatriya, Sudra and Vyshya. Today, there are more than 1000 castes developed within due course of time. The fascinating fact about India is that all Indians, nevertheless which castes of religion they are from preserve their culture and tradition. Indians have adapted several traditions and cultures of various other countries all through invasions. India is the best illustration for unity in diversity.

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Unity in Diversity

In distinction to western countries, India is significant for its joint family structure in the world. In Indian family, male is the ‘person generally considered in charge’ of the family. All other family members, comprising wife, perform their duties as per the wish of him. After marriage, an Indian woman leads rest of her life with the husband and her parents-in-law. She regards her husband like “Sreevaru”, that means Venkateshwara, who is, south Indian god of Hindus.

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Indian Culture photoIndian Dress

Saree and Punjabi dress are gracious and cultural dresses of Indian girls and women. For an Indian skin texture, creatively crafted Punjabi dresses and Saree look more dignified in comparison to other modern attire. It is because of this that quite a few foreigners are developing special liking towards Indian family system and are also settling in India. They are even getting accustomed to wearing Punjabi dresses and sarees.

Treating Guest

In Indian ritual, guests are welcomed with generosity and kindness, by offering the best they have. In some families, even if they don’t have branded and tasty snacks; a little coffee, and some biscuits would be a perfect hangout sip. Indians just focus on serving the best they have, with a good heart and in a good way.

It is more than just a simple civility. They do this to make the person feel comfortable and welcome. It creates a positive and good feeling for the visitor. And when that visitor leaves, they carry this positive energy in their mind and heart and a feel of the greatness of Indian Culture.

Indian Tourism photo

Photo by joiseyshowaa

India Tourism

Several tourists look for tickets on flights for spending their holidays in India. With an exceptionally wide-ranging tourism industry, that ranges from business to adventure and spirituality to food, it catches the fancy of all types of international travellers.

Tourism in India is as varied as its landscape! Loaded with myriad natural wonders, cultural marvels, heritage sites and many more, the all-embracing country boasts a tremendously large industry. From history connoisseurs, to cultural devotees and spiritual seekers to business travellers, all remain on a persistent quest for air tickets to visit India.



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